Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Big Bad Wolf goodies

Hi folks!

Are you book lovers too? Then you would have heard of the Big Bad Wolf  Sales which is now on (24hours non-stop) till 19 Dec 2016. Yes...coming to an end this Mon!!!

So hurry there if you like to hunt for some nice pressies for X'Mas.

I spent about 2.5 hours there but only managed to cover kids section. So you can imagine how much selection of books they have. This year they even have more Chinese books section and the price is pretty good deal too. Many of those books I haven't seen it selling at other bookshops.

Worth visiting...Really! I went there with my younger sis@5-7.30am while the kids are still zzz...with their daddies. If we want to cover the adults section or even bring the kids along I think it would took us more than 5 hours! No joke! One my sister's friends spent 9 hours there the cashier told us if you spent your meal there, you can keep your receipt and get RM5 off u can go before mealtime..walk one round, go for a meal before continuing shopping lolx..oh bring along your Hong Leong bank credit card or bring along someone that has get another 5% off when you swipe above MYR100 with Hong Leong bank card! More discounts and yey:)

Here are my loots ..I bought a lot of activities books for the 3kids as these books usually cost a lot more when we buy at normal bookstore. Quite a good deal I would damage = less than MYR150 for 12books..means each book is only MYR10++

Happy mom..wait till the kids wake up to see all their X'mas presents 🎁 

Cheers to a good and lovely weekend folks!

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