Saturday, March 18, 2017

Interesting read- Heal Your Body

Hi folks!

I am very glad to be introduced with this book during my CARE intensive last year.

I have always known and heard about how our emotions can affect our physical well-being. Thus, we can also heal our body if we start from our emotional well-being.

The first thing I tried searching in the books is why my son tend to have reoccurrence of sinus and cough despite all the good measures I am taking...nutrition, outdoor exercise etc. Then I found the cause lying underneath in his emotion. Being a second child, he must have felt kind of neglected. Thus often felt the need to be heard. Thus he has such reoccurrence for his needs to voice out his feelings are not met.

This is truly an eye-opener for me. Understanding this have helped me to be more conscious to create opportunities to have more chatting sessions with him like when I drive him to tuition centre I would not ON the radio but prompt him with some questions or just simply hear his stories. I would also greet and wish him have a nice day and start giving him more hugs and even put my hand on his shoulder(despite him being a boy) to show my love and care,

I find it helped my son this way...he's more open to voice out his concern, his fear and suggestions. And more caring towards his brother too. Before that he kind of treated his brother like a kind of threat as in feeling he needs to give in to his younger brother all the time unwillingly..which is not the case.

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