Monday, June 26, 2017

AFT session with Claudia Hofmaier

Hi folks!

Ever since I started exploring, using and sharing about essential oils, i have made a lot of friends a.k.a the "oilers" who are very passionate about health, healing and taking care of our body naturally. Some of these friends are certified aromatherapist, certified massage therapist and some have taken some certification courses in the field of aromatherapy due to their strong interest and keen passion to help others to participate in the journey towards health and abundance. 

During my recent cruise trip, I got to know Claudia Hofmaier, who is a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Instructor and managed to have a one-to-one AFT online session with her.

I have spoke about Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) before in my previous post, but i must say i have not been very consistent in practicing it. However, each time i felt some emotional blockages, or feeling my body is not feeling quite right or have some blockages or discomfort, i would make time after shower to practice AFT alone in the room(my much treasured ME time).

Long story cut short, i always have a sense of release and also a clearer mind after the AFT session and i sleep better too.

During this one-to-one session with my friend, Claudia, i was led(or facilitated) by her during the entire AFT process to set my intention, understand how i feel about my intention and also to clear the blockages or the negative emotions i have attached with my intention.

My intention:
1. To MANIFEST the BEST of me (to achieve my goal set for Dec 2017)

Negative voices:
1. How would others look at me?
2. Are you sure you've got what it takes to do this?

1. Feeling my shoulder and back very heavy (burden) - all sorts of negatives voices inside my mind
2. Feeling my heart shrinking - confidence level
3. Feeling a pressure in the middle of my back - how others look at me

Intention scale started at 3 and ended with 8.5 (after 3 rounds of going through the negative emotions i had, each time feeling how my body react to the negative voices within me).

I feel really good(no more backache, heavy chest and feeling caged and my heart felt expanded) after the session although i know i still have to put some plans into action to achieve what I intend to do. I have to remember all the positive messages that i received during the AFT session to remind myself to charge forward:

1. Do not be concerned with how others look at you, whatever things we wish to do there're always pros and cons, there're always different views from people around us.
2. Just DO it, keep it going, U can do it!
3. Just DO it the RIGHT way!

Oils used during AFT:
Frankinsence, StressAway, Lavender

You can also add on essential oils blends like Transformation, Inner Child and Clarity.
Interested to get these essential oils for your own emotional release? Leave me a comment or sign up here to get these oils at wholesale price to start your journey to abundance of health and wellness!

This session just proves to me once more on how emotional blockage can hinder us to act accordingly to our Best and Truest self and also causes physical discomfort at the same time.

So, from now on, i have to take some time off in the morning and evening to do AFT daily for the next 21 days or daily till i reach the goal i have set for myself! Yes, I can do it! You can too! Just take some time off to think of what you intend to do/improve in your life today and take the action....JUST DO IT!

We are the only one who can make the change on what we intend to improve in our lives! 

Hope everyone can join me on this journey of releasing that emotional blockage and charge forward with much joy and energy!

Cheers and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims friends and also to those who are celebrating! Have a lovely reunion time with yourself and with your closed ones....

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