Sunday, June 18, 2017

Need some ideas for Father's Day?

Hi folks!

Yesterday I attended a talk on Me and My Hormones and learnt a great deal on how stress, nutrition and exercise affects our health and hormones. I also learnt what we can do to walk ourselves gracefully through PMS.

Now, do men suffer from PMS too? Do you noticed the mood swings when comes to certain age too? Do you see the denial, stubbornness or hiding into the caves more often than not or the sharp pain in their heart that "ignited" from the stress and burden on their shoulder of late?

Of course they do and they too needed to do some clearance of toxins in their life and some "pampering" too by eating well and living well cos they deserved it being the hero in our home, donning the superhero cloak for so long..why I said "pampering" cos I find most men would sacrifice themselves and only want the best for their family and often overlooked their own needs too.

I been making(and bought for my dad) oats daily for my men at home ever since the cholesterol reading is on the high side and he's been very cooperative for his love for our family..yes we want him to be there to witness our children growing, graduating and walk to the step at a time..ladies let's do our part and gentlemen...just enjoy the love and "pampering" or take the action to take care of yourselves too!

Here's some nice stuff dedicated to the hero in our lives.

Enjoy and feel free to buzz me(as I am a member and able to get them at member price) if you like to get any of the items above for your superhero at home or you can also sign up as member yourselves clicking on this link.

Cheers and Happy Father's Day to all superhero daddies!

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