Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A tale of No Wastage and Grateful towards Another Bandaraya at Home

Hi folks!

Growing up, we were brought up with just enough to get by but sufficient for all our basic needs. We learnt not to waste any food, etc. Thus, it formed a habit in me never to waste anything anywhere..be it at home or outside the house.

I can't stop myself from switching off any lights or power wherever I go(as much as I could)..I would try to use any items before it goes expired.

So this morning I felt truly grateful to find a finished loaf of bread πŸ₯– package at the dining table.

Why? More often than not mommy is the unofficial "bandaraya" a.k.a. municipal council@home that clears the unfinished food πŸ₯˜ to avoid wastage (yeah..which contributes to our ever-growing waistline πŸ˜… hands-up any mommies?)

One homemaking lesson I learnt is not to buy bread on the last day of the schooling day a.k.a. Friday as weekend has far too many choices than the usual sandwich for breakfast. So when I made a mistake by buying a loaf of bread πŸ₯– last Fri, I end up trying my best to finish it over lunch@work. Yet it still has - few slices to go..

I remembered sharing with DH that I will bring the bread to work to finish it before it expired (no wastage)...so seeing the finished bread this morning brings some warmth to me..as I felt I am not the only one supporting this no-wastage culture at home 🏑..and DH is listening(actively) and contributing too ❤️

Small gesture but truly significant πŸ€—πŸ‘to me.

What are the small gestures you feel grateful of from your family members or people around you? Hope you will catch these gestures and gives them a thumbs-up or keep it in your grateful list for the day πŸ€—πŸ’•

Have a non-wastage day!

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