Thursday, August 24, 2017

Childhood memories

Hi folks!

What are your childhood memories? I remembered and love the breakfast trip after our jogging session every Sun.

I love the hot and yummy breakfast and special dishes my mom would prepare for us. The stew bittergourd that only my mom and I would lick till the last bits, the big plate of fried tofu with dipping sauce made of soysauce and tomato/chilli sauce....all these made up of my childhood memories...

When I was pregnant with KY, I craved for all these food I had when I was young...the smell of these food seems to be appearing in my thoughts.

Now what childhood memories I am creating for my children? What will they remember and bring it along with them to adulthood? How about fish-watching at Koi pond, playing badminton and having picnic at carpark when it's raining?

May we create a lovely memories for our children that they can recount in the future.(not just time spent on gadgets!)


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