Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rainy day and cough

Hi folks!

My youngest is down with phlegmy cough last week which I suspect is too much of dairy, i.e. chocolates..he often start coughing when he had too much of vegetarian cheese slices, chocolates and even milo!!! Those are his older siblings favourite but it's not something he could tolerate since young!

I applied Frankinsence(good for phlegmy cough) on his back and chest, Eucalyptus Radiata on his sole, Idaho Balsam Fir on his spine...his phlegm is under control but still having dry cough.

Then my friend happened to ask me the benefit of Dorado Azul as this is the free oil(retail price MYR217.10) of the month from Young Living when you purchased up to 250PV and his son is having cough as well...I suddenly recalled this bottle which I have used last round. Many times I found even though I have all the relevant oils at the back of my mind and hand for all sorts of ailments(the gift of having 3 lovely kids ❤️), I am always thankful when the universe would just send someone to remind or inspires me on what oils to try! Pretty miracle and awesome!

And my son slept thru' the night yesterday..not much coughing 🙏👍 I will continue to apply for him and hopefully he will all well again. Thanks to my friend once again to bring up question about this oil! May his son gets better soon too!

Folks, so take extra care during this hot and wet days..especially on the respiratory system. Oh yeah, I applied diluted Digize (always) whenever my kids are down with cough or flu(yes!! Even when it's not tummyache per say)..cos gut is the source of their immune blocks...and a TCM physician once share with me to nourish a child's gut is so important especially after he has taken any antibiotics which makes his gut health go all haywire!

So another tips for us to know! Don't just apply oils for respiratory, remember to apply some tummy oils like Digize too!

Now are you interested to get this bottle of free oil too? Or, you need someone to explain how to use essential oils for your family. I love to share lotsa real-life stories and ways you can easily incorporate essential oils and chemical-free stuff into your home.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at wholesale price here. It's very simple with technology these days. Another good news, they are giving 50% shipping charges tis month for those who are in Malaysia and are ordering online from Aug 1- 15 this month!

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