Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What to do with itchy throat and cough?

Hi folks!

Last weekend I was volunteering at my children's kids camp and many children were down with cough. Some were coughing badly at my face(yeah as I carried them)...I pity on them and asked their mom's permission to apply some oils (Frankinsence for phelmgy cough and Digize for their disturbed tummy; as it all comes together..always remember gut health whenever one is down with some bugs as gut is the key to our immune system).

Next morning, when I am out of the camp, I had itchy throat and cough. Thus, I quickly take out my Manuka honey and add a drop each of peppermint, lemon and thieves essential oils(I only take Young Living essential oils for their Seed to Seal purity promise and guarantee)...and off I took a day off to rest it out. I also made myself a warm peppermint mint noodle soup 🍜 for breakfast before heading to bed.

Thanks to this quick action and amazing eo, I was able to be back at work and the itchy throat and cough were gone.

Being mom of 3, the last thing I wanna do is to be sick 🤒 and passed on the bugs to the family members.

Having and knowing how these natural therapy works really helps! Do you wish to learn more about how to use these eo for your family members?

Drop me a message and we can learn more together.

Or you can also get the Young Living oils at wholesale price from here:

I have benefitted so much from Young Living oils and I hope many of you will find wellness and abundance of health through it too.

Cheers and have a lovely day folks!

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