Saturday, May 13, 2017

Company Team's Day-Master Chef Challenge

Hi folks!

During the Team Day, my company engaged this company called MadLabtraining, MADLAB means Making a Decision Like A Boss- sounds cool ya.

And during the TeamDay, they have engage a culinary event organiser to organise our Company MasterChef Challenge.

Check out my entry with my team of four which comprised of two ladies and two gentlemen:

Molly's V Restaurant
- Deluxe Nasi Lemak

- Molly's V Signature Curry

- Assorted Fusion Tempura set

Cheers! app and Veggie World Cafe

Hi folks!

When DH and I were in our dating days, he used to drive me everywhere to hunt for lovely vegetarian meals and eateries (both of us are vegetarian since in our early teens).

After we got married with young children, we are limited with fewer and nearer baby-friendly places. Now that the kids are older, we are back to supporting and also having fun trying out lovely vegetarian meals around us.

And with the app, it make it more economical to try out the plant-based meals for our family of five.

Our recent try out is at Veggie World cafe located at Bandar Kinrara(near Giant Kinrara) and the food are not bad at all! And the best thing is they have plenty of parking and it's not as crowded as the one we used to patron near our house.

Safer alternatives for my ballerina

Hi folks!

What makes me switch into safer alternatives in terms of medical, household products and next to children..they are my biggest love and drive.

When my ballerina daughter started trying out nail polish(oh grow up fast!) and checking my stash of make-ups, skincare and things like make-up remover and lipsticks after their performance...I started getting jittery of the chemical-laden lipsticks and all...

Thus, I started checking out safer alternatives for them. Yesterday she had a photo shoot for her ballet studio and came home with lovely yet hard to clean eye-liner etc..and I used the following to clean for her..voila! It cleans off easily and no harsh chemical 👍💕

Good to start them young on safer alternatives so they make a better choice and are less exposed to those chemicals..

Are you interested to find out more how about Chemical-free lifestyle for children and on Young Living? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member here and enjoy the oils at wholesale price. It's very simple!

Cheers to a lovely weekend folks!

Monday, May 8, 2017

En-route to check my bucket list

Hi folks!

Do you have a bucket list? I roughly had one in my mind and I have managed to check one of it when I had a couple trip with my DH after more than 3 years not doing so..

Next is to restart my exercise regime as I have sign up for a 10km run part of my bucket list..and to regain my energy level. Use it or lose it so they what's your bucket list?

Hope you all get to make a tick and move towards a happy, healthy fulfilling life.