Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Do you own a Dishwasher?

Hi folks!

Do you own a "dishwasher" at home?

I do...a.k.a. me, myself and I and I am roping in the kids and spouse to chip in too.

The rule in my family is whoever who prepares/cook the dinner is not required to wash the dishes lolx

However, before i could get the kids to involve in the cleaning, i made sure i have switch to a good quality and non-chemical ones.

I used to need to wear gloves every time i wash my dishes as those off-the-shelves one are very "nasty" to my hands. My skin will peel off after each washing and it lasts for weeks till i have a hard time processing any transaction that requires thumb print as the scanner will have a hard time reading/scanning my "injured"/ "peeling" finger.

Now, washing the dishes is no longer a nightmare to me after i switched to Young Living Thieves Dish Soap and I no longer need to wear gloves which in fact is a savings in the long run as i used to need to get a new gloves after each one worn out and it isn't cheap! Plus, i dare to let my kids join in the duty roster of cleaning the dishes themselves to make them more self-reliant.

In fact, now washing dishes it is something i look forward to each day as it provides me with some quiet time to reflect or even to listen to some audio and podcasts, or sing along to my favourite tune. It is a happy and quiet time for me.

Now, do you enjoy doing your dishes? I do 

Leave me a comment if you wished to know where to get this awesome non-chemical cleaner.

Or, you could also get a range of these cleaners here:

Cheers and have an awesome day!

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