Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hi folks!

When I was talking to my youngest last night, it suddenly dawned upon me how..

We, as parents are supposed to spend time reading with our children back home yet kids have spent the entire day reading and studying at school and daycare that they simply wanna let loose, chill, relax and play at home 🏠

We, as full time working parents do appreciate the fact that their schoolwork are all completed and revision is done at daycare cum tuition so that we could chill and relax at home with kids after work too.

Yet, daycare centre expect we, parents to monitor kids daycare cum tuition homework.

And we parents expect kids are efficiently and sufficiently taught by school teachers, and yet teacher at school was asking us "Didn't you send your kids for extra tuition?"

The education of today's society..honestly I would be tired as a school-going, daycare-bound and tuition-slaves too. Where has childhood memories gone for today's children...nothing but school work, tuition and exams..

Something we should really ponder and work on!


Lakshmi said...

It's a difficult task for the parents right? And the children as well. I would say, if your kids can do without tuition, skip that. Or try doing it in small rounds at home. But it does needs the parents pitching in to take them to play, read something with them and also sit down to do simple school work. I guess you don't need to do everything everyday, we can make each task for one day and thats more than enough for their early years.

Molly Lim said...

Thanks Lakshmi for dropping by and your comments..yeah I do agree with your thoughts too..gonna work on it this year ..my goal 💪🤚