Thursday, April 5, 2018

My 5-minute Savvy Look

Hi folks!

Today while waiting to have lunch with my friend, I had a go at the Savvy Mineral testers@Young Living Office.

It was fast and easier to apply than I have thought(being someone who rarely put on make-up). It is quite fun too..mixing the misting spray and chemical free mineral powder feels like "anyone can feel & look pretty" effortlessly and most importantly by not adding more toxins to our body.

Just a very quick 5 mins trial..haha..feeling like a kid again, trying out my mom's make-up when I was younger..but this round without the fear of getting caught 😁

In this picture, I am trying out:
👀Multitasker (On eyebrow)
🌸I Do Believe You're Blushing (blusher)
💄Uptown Girl (lipstick)
💃Residual (eyeshadow)
🤳Wanderlust (eyeshadow)
👩‍🎤Unscripted (eyeshadow- test slightly on the edge)

Not very good at it yet but it was fun! 😄

P.S...a little bird 🐦 is telling me that they might be having promo this Sat YL rally on Savvy Minerals and skincare products. Stay tune for the updates on 7 Apr, 2018 Sat@12.01am ✌️

Note: PM me as soon as you see it (by 5p.m. on 7Apr) if you like me to get any of the promo items 👍🚀

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