Thursday, November 27, 2008

Looking forward for a fun-filled weekend!

Hi there....everyone..

Weekend is coming..and how do I feel it so soon..maybe 'cos tomorrow I'll be on leave to bring my son for that makes me nearer to a weekend break ;)

Plus, I am invited to the Family Day Out by Friso and looking forward to the fun-filled event. 

Even though I might not get to join the fun at all times as I'll be bringing my 5 mth old son along...but it's great to be able to let KY and her dad have fun together after so long....Plus the organiser are kind enough to have allocated vegetarian meals for us and other vegetarian eaters ;) how thoughtful! Can't express how much grateful we are :)

When was the last time we have fun together as one family, without haste..and without rushing KY along, wear your shoes, quick, mom/ dad is getting late , etc?

And hopefully we get a chance for the Grand Prize- trip for whole family to Disneyland in Hong Kong...that would be double joy indeed...but bearing in mind too...there are 120 bloggers competing for that one and only Grand's very close to hitting a jackpot!

But dream we shall, what is life without dreams and hope , rite?

I hope if our dream does come true, it'll be truely a nice gift for my ever supportive husband as well, throughout the journey of parenthood, breastfeeding and now second baby on tow...he's been very hard and not to mentioned very late for the last 2 years....hardly took a break...

So, if we do get the Grand'll be a good reason for him to take a rest..and relax for once...I think the last time we ever travel was our honeymoon to Phuket back in 2005, that also a wedding present courtesy of his generous employer!

So Friso n we come ...let's have fun!

And pray hard for the Grand Prize :) Hong Kong Disneyland for our whole family :) Just nice...2 adults, 2 is it tailor-made for us or what :P ...haha...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out day out for us soon?

Family Day is important for my children because:
  1. Being a full-time working parents cum full-time parents, we hardly have time to bring them out for fun.
  2. Family Day is always associated with "fun", "activities", "gathering", "outdoor/out of house (hehe)" which is HEALTHY for both children and burn-out parents alike.
  3. We(both parents and kids) have never participated in any Family Day Out
  4. We(both parents and kids) get to socialise and get to know(mingle) our peers
  5. It is holiday time and BEST time to join a Family Day!
We hope and thank Nuffnang and Friso for organising such events for parenting bloggers! Cheerios! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What does a woman and mother of two kids think about when we heard of Breast Cancer? 

All mothers would want to witness their children's graduation, wedding and birth of their grandchildren.

So being a breastfeeding mom who still carries a full time job, I must say I am doing a good job to myself and my kids when I decided to continue to breastfeed after returning to work, because it is a well-known fact that Breastfeeding Cuts Breast Cancer Risk!! 

And there are study which shows that this Protective Effect Even for Women Who Delay Childbirth meaning gave birth at an older age! Click here for article on this research study.

Now there is an event not to be missed for those of US(because I am also interested! hehe) organised by Wijaya International Medical Centre Sdn Bhd(WIMC) called It's Best to Test Carnival, a day that’ll be as fun as it is educational.


Check out the event details below:

Time: 8.30am - 2.00pm

Date: Nov 9, 2008


Wijaya International Medical Centre

No 1, Jalan 215, Section 51

Off Jalan Templer

46050, Petaling Jaya

Selangor D.E



8:30am : Arrival of guests

9:00am-9:30am : Launch by VIP/ Speeches

9:30am -10:00am : Coloring Competition / Tour Press Conference

9:30am – 10:30am : Doctor's Forum

10:30am – 10:45am : Press Conference/ Press Hands On

10:45am – 11:30am : BSE Education

11:30am – 12:15am : Pole Dance Class

12:15am – 1:00pm : Latin Dance Showcase

1:00pm – 1:30pm : Announcement of competition winners - Essay and Blog

1:30pm – 2:00pm : Lucky draw and closing


Note: Bloggers who register themselves at the event will receive a door gift.

High School Musical

I been following the news of High School Musical since the first edition while all the kids in the movie is still young...and now the third edition..the Senior fast!!

So far I have only been following the news but have yet to see the movie..with being pregnant with KY till now my second son is 4 months old I the big kid who eager to see it or what!

Now is the time my daughter who is now 2 years and 3 months old starting to understand movies and even can sing along with the would be lovely to win the CD for her (and myself..smiling sheepishly :P..ahem) to enjoy it together over and over again in our daily car ride!

Soon, you shall hear us singing along in the busy traffic of KL...haha...cheers to AMBP for the CD giveaway contest!

The answer this question: What's the name of the character played by Zac Efron in the High School Musical movie/TV series is Troy Bolton

Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby has arrived...........

Finally my baby boy(weighted 4.24kg at birth) has arrived on 20 June 2008. I was scheduled for c-section and was admitted on 19 June 2008. Then on 20 June 2008, I was waiting for my turn for the c-section(after starting to fast from 9pm the night before). Finally, at around 12 noon, the nurse pulled the stretcher to my bedside and I told my hubby(who is waiting at the lobby of the hospital waiting to be called and informed the birth of our baby).."Finally it's my turn!".

Then around 12.35pm the baby arrives..

This time round I was half-"bius" and that means I am able to see my baby immediately after he was born. My boy, Shone was delivered by a multi-racial group which consist of a Malay and Indian doc who did the delivery, and a Chinese anaethestic. So I hope my boy will be a multi-racial at heart and in his life later on ! :)

One funny thing to hubby had actually send out sms to dunno how many people dat his wife has delivered to a 4.2kg girl....after he mistaken that the baby is a F-emale after reading a "F" letter code on the baby case.. :P which corrected by me only around 3.30pm. :P

This is d joke who he will certainly remember for life..haha..

That's all for today...will post up more updates and photos soon!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby arriving soon!

Hey all!

Sorry for the long absence and silence...been real busy busy lately...

Very soon...I will be seeing my baby...

I am scheduled for c-section this coming Thurs!

Wish me well and pray for me buddies!

Will keep u all updated real soon~

Cheers to All!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Passion for books and the Discovery & Experience of a Children Online Bookshop

What does parents who have certain hobbies do when they have children? In one way of another is passing on their hobbies to their children. For my husband who simply loves remote control cars and also watching DVDs, the toys that he always brings my daughter to view is toy cars. No doubt my daughter simply fascinated by cars whether is remote control cars, real cars or those children cars which you need to insert coins located at shopping complexes, some food courts as well as at some wet markets to attracts kids like her. Like father, like daughter so they say.

As for someone who simply loves books, who would spend the weekend after getting her salary at bookshops buying no less than three books at one go do is also to make sure my daughter has ample supply of books suitable for her age. So she has caught the “book-worms” from her mom you can say. I have bought and show her books while she’s only one month plus of age. And from the time she can sit and chew on the books till now she can finally appreciate books. Her bedtime routine always ends with bedtime story on the bed with either me or the father. And she would finish up to three of her favourite books before calling it a day.

Therefore to scout for suitable, interesting books at bargain price for her for a working mom like me is so crucial. So I found a very good online bookshop website( which has very good review and very personal and good service from the shop owner, Ai Lian, who makes my books scouting a more enjoyable and wonderful experience.

I have starting to scout for books online and even try to get a few at one go to save on the postage and also partly because I was moving to my new home soon. So, in order to save the moving items, the shop owner is generous enough to hold the books for me until I moved into my new house. That is the impressive memory I have on this particular bookshop. Not only do I save time and money on buying books online, I also get to know more information about raising children from the owner who has a personal blog at

So, book-lovers and parents alike, I would strongly recommend that you give this online bookshop a tour to find out yourself. Perhaps your IT savvy kids would help you by choosing their online books here at bargain price ;)

Happy browsing and online shopping at this children online bookshop! Till my next discoveries of my online-parent-shopping experience!

Cheers! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Online Children's Bookshop Recommendation

Dear Friends,

For a book-lover llike me, I can't resist but to recommend you an online children bookshop which has new and second hand books at a good/bargain price for not only children but parents as well. I personally bought some books from time to time for my daughter and thought you might find it helpful.

The owner of the bookshop provides very useful write-up on encouraging reading amongst children and also has a blog which provides some interesting and creative ideas/activities for children(she is homeschooling her kids ;) )

You can check for her blogs here:

and this:

So do take time to explore this website and may you find pleasure and fun as much as I did! Happy shopping and browsing! I am heading to the online bookshop now to scout for new readings collection for KY ...catch me at:

Cheers! Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Going Green: Creative and Green ways to wrap your presents.

Many of us tends to give presents at certain time all year long whether is for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, Full Moon, housewarming or just simply for the fun of it without celebrating any special occasions.

For me, whenever I receive any gifts with nicely wrapped up presents, I would try to open it with care and try to keep the wrapping papers for other usage whether to wrap another presents to be given away or to wrap up some empty tissue or other boxes to make it into a nice container for storing stationeries and stuff.

And the best of all, I love to think, try and experiment with creative and green ways to wrap or present my gift to others. Some of these I learnt from some eco-friendly website, and some of it is from my own creation.

Wrap your gift with a beautiful cloth like Japanese does. They call
furoshiki. The receiver can use the cloth for other usage. They have very lovely ways of wrapping their wine, books and etc. It is a traditional art which I am sure your friend will treasure it as much as the contents of your gift.
Wrap your gift with similar theme. For e.g. for your friend who likes cooking, perhaps giving her a set of cooking sets wrapped with table-cloth or apron will be a wonderful present.
Send e-cards instead of paper card. If not use your creativity to print a greeting cards with your pictures and calendar on it. This way, it won’t be just another paper wastage that the receiver will bound to discard sooner or later.
Make greeting cards which act more than greeting cards. Make it into a picture frame, a calendar, a toaster, or even with recipes or poems on it.
If you receive a gift that you don’t actually use it, pass it on to someone who needs it or can make better use of it, you can even make it as a gift exchange during Christmas or etc.

These are just some of the few ideas I have tried or like to try someday…hope you all will like it and invent more of these creative and green ways to send a gift to someone! Let your creative juices flowing and let the other person surprised and influenced by your “green” effort!

Happy Green way of Life!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Hmm.. This morning woke up with some funny gassy feeling in the stomach.

And by late afternoon today, I have made a record of 7 trips to the toilet...

Grrgg.....I asked Wai if he had the same experience since we just had some nice dinner in Klang last night. But he is fine. Now I am going to check out my dad and KY who were with us during the dinner last night.

I hope it is not the not-so-ripe banana i ate yesterday...otherwise KY will be experienced the same thing I had today. Serve me right for not heeding the advice of the fruit stall eat the banana only today...

Haih...this mommy...I shall be more careful now...

Hopefully KY is ok and I'll b ok soon too. No more losing control over food man.. :P

Friday, April 4, 2008

Glucose test

Arrgghh...had another vomiting feeling today after taking the glucose test at govt. clinic. Why? Coz my weight gain exceeded the advised quota. I have been warned last month and have took serious steps in changing my more late night snacks(practically sleeping back when i got hungry middle of the night) and no more second helping...the rice i took is even less than when I am not think that i need to on "diet" even while pregnant..

In fact my weight gain now(3.6kg a month)was less than what I had during my first pregnancy(4-5kg a month). But for the sake of my health and their strictness i guess i have to go through the glucose test.

Mind you, the glucose test is no fun at all. First you need to start fasting from 10pm the night before. Then you have to arrive sharp or before 7.30am at the clinic or you'll be made to come for another day/appointment. Then you shall wait for your turn to take your blood sample to be taken before you will be given a yucky very extremely sugary and sweet drink, that is why the name "air gula" is given. It is so sweet that no words can described. After I drank it...honestly I feel not well already. Then the nurse warned me not to vomit and don't eat anything until 2 hrs later whereby I need to back to the clinic for another blood sample to be taken. Then only I can break fast(buka puasa). For a pregnant woman and for me, this can be a challenge as I eat my breakfast regularly before 8am. However the discomfort I felt after drinking the sugar water exceeded the hunger i felt.

And I am so worried that I might vomit out the sugar water and made to drink it again and of course not to mention the blood sample to be taken again after a failed test....

When I went back to the clinic after 2 hrs, the first thing the nurse asked me was did I eat anything during that period of time and did I vomit out the sugar water. I told her I am damn hungry but I did not eat anything (actually partly coz i got no time to eat as I was busy bathing for KY, who's been staying at home with my dad ever since my nanny's son caught chicken pox few weeks back and passed on to the other son...and still recuperating).

Then I took the chance to ask the nurse, what happens if my weight gain exceed their limit(2 kg per month). Does it means I need to come for the glucose test every month? Then the nurse reassures me if this time the results turned out to be fine(means I passed with flying colors, no diabetes symptom) then I don't have to repeat the episodes again...Thank God!

And before this the gynae had told me if the test results wasn't good , the pregnant woman need to come back for glucose test for 4 times a day(instead of twice on the first test) every 2 weeks until delivery. Wow..this is how serious it sounds and seems!

Pray that my glucose test results turned out fine...meanwhile...I am going to take extra care of my diet from now..although I will not diet or reduce my food intake now..but I will make sure I eat better more white bread if possible and less white rice...perhaps go for whole-meal variety.

Wish me luck...if the nurse did not call me in 2 weeks' time probably it means I am safe...and I shall be heading for another ultrascan in 17th this month. Till I update you guys again..

Take care and eat well!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Chap Goh Mei!'s Chinese Valentines Day today :)

My husband and I hoped to take this chance to bring KY for a round of last day CNY visiting to our neighbours...let's see if we managed to do it tonight and how many homes we are able to enter..haha...coz some may be out celebrating let's keep our finger crossed and see how's luck tonight.

During the CNY, as KY was down with fever , we did not really go we thought at least we can visit our neighbours now that KY has recovered. What a good ime to visit our neighbours rite if not during CNY when people are more welcoming.. :D...hahaha...

STay tuned for more pictures as KY and I get better and better.....and same goes for the papa...we hope good news will be more happening for all the three of us and all our good fellow friends throughout the year!

Cheers to All! (Anyone throwing mandarin orange tonight? My fren said she's gonna throw lemon instead! More costly ler...but maybe that'll bring her meeting her rich Mr. Right? haha...good luck to her!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

The air still smells of CNY breeze...

I love the breeze of's amazing how the air just smelt different during CNY! When my then boyfriend(now husband) describe to me few years ago on how since young he has the habit of sitting by the porch in front of his house during the eve and first day of CNY just enjoying the cool breeze of CNY...I too has picked up the habit of doing so...

It's certainly very refreshing and it is very hard to describe the feeling of the CNY somehow brings you an air of renewal, togetherness, hope and happiness...a feeling of strength and energy.

I hope I can still feel this kind of energy throughout the year! It gave me a sense of happiness and strength to start a new day with much optimism and joy!

I have started back full gear at work and at home now...with KY back with me for the night. She has caught some nasty ulcer at her throat making her very clingy to me. She had fever and lose her appetite since the eve, 1st and 5th day of CNY. I hope she recover's sad seeing her lose her usual cheerfulness and the light in her eyes...I wouldn't trade it for anything...even though I will be bugged to play with her etc...but at least it's great seeing her happily exploring rather than being plague by fever and kept sleeping whole day long.

Wait till my next post up..hopefully by then it's good news about my current endeavors as well as the full recovery of KY!

CheerS for d day! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hallo's been long since I last updated my blog!

Things been hectic and I have been ups..and down...

Last two weeks..went for co. dinner after a whole 5 days being vomit-free. At first thought, finally it was over? But somehow..the vomitting comes again the next day...from 2 am till 9 am non-stop...for 15 times...or more than that...considering I still vomits in the gynae office when I went for checkup at 9am. So that Sat I was put on second drip....

Now..I slowly getting better....trying to do some light cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Trying not to tire myself out with the approaching of CNY.

This week, nanny is busy ...who 's not with the upcoming CNY for all I have started bringing Ka Yee home for the night. With Wai still needs to Overtime most of the nights....I am getting rather tired easily...more so when this week is filled with long day at client's office. I am exhausted.

Hopefully I can try and get at least a short nap tonight before wai goes out to office again.

I hope to find some interesting games, activities and fun for me and Kay yee to do during the nights to come( I think after CNY I should be starting to bring her back every night ...hopefully).

I tot of CNY card-making but gee..she's still so young..although she likes to scribble on paper...but I still have not started her on crayons yet...

Wat else can I do with her? Buy some cutleries or "masak-masak" toys so that can start sharing her how to cook and serve drinks? Haha..then CNY she can do some serving to the guest as practice ....hahaha....

Yesterday, Kay Yee helped me to do some light cleaning too....she is so eager(even to the point of forgoing her fav. Yakult drink) and help me to clean the floor with my trusty magic cleaner. She even walked up to her dad and try to get him to lift his leg(imitating me I guess) so that she can clean that part of the floor(LOL).

So these types of daily activities is what excites her...imitating adults...feeling and doing adults stuff..that is why I thought perhaps get her some cooking toys would be fun! Or should I just use those plastic utensils we have and let her try it out...especially children nowadays seems to be smart enough to different an unused phone, unused/spoilt Astro remote control and even a "switch-off" DVD player remote control which they felt no qualm of tossing it aside and choose the working mobile phone or TV remote control ...hahaha...

So if I get her those plastic cutlery set, would she play with it or prefer my "real" ones...hahaha...

Let me try and experiment it and let you guys know!

Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New to all of you and hey..I have started to feel and smell the breeze of CNY(chun feng) in the air, have u?


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy Year 2008! It's been quite awhile since I update my blog. I have been away for the short break and also coupled with some nasty HG attacks past few days keeps my spirits and energy low that I was unable to post as much as I like to.

It was a fine day on the 1st day of the year 2008. A miracle vomiting for the whole day and I had very nice meals throughout the my parents place as well as at one of our favorite food stall.

But the next day at 5am in the morning the vomiting came think I thought it is the end of my HG...finally..but it is not intended to just yet i guess...

Anyhow...I am starting to get use to it. How I can vomit and the next minute continuing my meals and vomit again the next few minutes ...

I certainly hope it will go off least before the CNY starts? haha..

Till I write more happy news here....stay tuned!