Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dollars for Tips Contest- ends 31 July 2009

Dear folks,

Would you like to win $100 cash by sharing your anecdotes, parenting tips, hilarious statistic you know about children or parenting? If you do send them to and enter to win $100 cash! Hurry - the contest ends July 31st.

Note: Please make sure you include the author of the quote or link to where you found the statistic.

Check out more details about the contest here. I simply love their Bugaloo Soft Sole

Shoes for kids!



Hanz said...

This is a great contest Molly! Thanks for sharing! But, the deadline is sooo..near..wonder where I have enough time to crack my brain! LOL....

alohamolly said...

Oh..Hanz I tot all these tips nad quotes are in our brain all d time..haha...happy joining!


Cakeblast said...

I won this contest! I received the check today and was writing a post about this win, and a giveaway I won yesterday, when I came upon your site. I also have two kids (a 3-year old and a 3-month old), both boys. I am now following you in Google Connect!

I won by submitting the quote "Babies Are Such A Nice Way To Start People" - from Don Harold