Thursday, July 30, 2009

Touching Conversation with my two year plus KY

Why 2 year plus when she has reached her 3 yr old milestone recently? Well because this touching conversation happened before her birthday :) Just that mommy has not shared it publicly in her blog.

Ever since my second child, Shone arrives, it has been rather hectic schedule for me with two kids. There are many things that I used to do with KY even while I was heavily pregnant and tires easily. I never failed to read bedtime story with her every night.

However now my nighttime routine has changed to be BF Shone at night till BOTH of us sleep or at least Shone is asleep while I am closed to sleeping mode while waiting for KY to sleep as well...(Shone sleeps earlier than KY).

Most of the time I am SO TIRED that I am KNOCKED OUT almost immediately after BF Shone(well being a full-time mom) every evening that I am so ashamed and guilty that I seems to have neglected precious time with KY.

So one night while I was breastfeeding Shone on the bed with KY lying beside me(doing nothing), I said to KY, " Sorry ya mommy have not been reading bedtime story to you lately...." tears falling inside ..sad..

KY said cheerfully, " KY read myself mommy, KY reads everyday!"

Wow...I was stunned, touched at her spontaneous reply. Yes indeed most of the nights she would take out her books and read while I BF Shone. Sometimes she would asked me to read to her..but to my dismay I often told her mommy is too tired...can read it tomorrow...So bad of me...really...I FEEL SO BAD even while I am typing this now...

So, I have to find some ways, either changing SHone bedtime routine, or to boost up my energy level through better nutrition, rest and daily habits...I would not want to miss spending precious time with my kids (BOTH of them)...and witness & progress with both their development stage!

Wish me ALL the BEST!



Anonymous said...

dont feel so bad, you've raised a wonderful child there. she's a bit mature & understanding.

we clearly see that she know u love her.

mumsgather said...

You can take breastfeeding time as bonding time with BOTH kids. I used to bf one kid and read and sing to the other kid at the same time. After that we all fall asleep together altho it doesn't always turn out so nicely where sleep is concerned. Haha.