Thursday, July 23, 2009 - Online photo printing Service update

Hi folks, remember my previous post about eoe online photo printing service here ?

I made my order and it has arrived!! only took few minutes to upload, select size and confirm my order using their Photo Express software.

And once "payment"(there are a few payment option you can select) is made, it only takes 2-3 days to reach the shipping address you provided. Isn't that great! ;)

I have develop two pictures for my two moms(my mom and my mil) as both their birthday falls in August and since they don't get to see us so often, I think a printed copy picture of their grandchildren would make a perfect gift for them!

I have developed my kids first merry-go-round trip for my mil(you can see part of the pictures here ) and another picture of my mom carrying Shone in 8R size!

Check out their current photo printing promotion here .

Note: For my Blogger Friends, you would be happy to know that I actually got my 50 pieces of 4R
and 2 8R pictures FOC! Yep...without spending a cent! How?

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online printing service while at the same time get your lovely pictures printed for free ;)


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