Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parents..Let Our voices Be Heard

Although my kids are not schooling yet but definitely whatever decision and action the government takes NOW affect their FUTURE!

So let our voices be heard about the switching back to using BM for Science and Maths!

Give your opinion and comment at the sites below:

  1. Parent Action Group for Education (Page)   
  2. Dr. M's blog- Chedet  
Or, call the ministry's hotline at 03-7723 7070 to voice your suggestion/opinion.

For the benefit of those who like to follow up on what's the big ho-ha happening in the education in Malaysia, you may read what TheStar wrote on "Cabinet to study feedback on the switch" here .And "Public can still give views" here .

Cheers and May our kids in Malaysia have a better education future!


Anonymous said...

there are times i wonder if these people who makes decision up there are real life parents or not. right?

whatever decision they make, ended we parents r the one that have to worry about our kids. not them...

AlohaMolly said...

Guess either their parents are all grown up or are sent to overseas or International schools? So none of their concern??