Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- 1 yr old into IT

Shone finally following his sister and try out the laptop. Guess he's
been watching & learning hard all these while...,


Josephine said...

Good start!

Anonymous said...

my todd had always been interested in either my laptop or my hubby's pc.

when we leave our computer idle, she thinks its her turn to use it. ended up, usually she will try to crack my hubby's pc password or she will on/off my laptop until she can see the window start up, then only she'll be satisfied.

kinda proud, but horrified at the same time. wondering what if she crash my laptop before i submit my research paper.

AlohaMolly said...

Jo- Yeah..but under our watching eyes

Mama-Miya - I know what you mean..scary..yet can't stop their curiosity!

My two kids would throw tantrums when their wishes are not being met...still learning how to handle such tantrum stage! :P