Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is your current REACTION towards the word "Sales"?

Yes I admit I am a shopaholic and have low resistance towards stuff like books, babies stuff(lotsss..range from toys, clothing to safety or travelling gadgets...plenty...), etc..etc..and now that it is MEGA CARNIVAL SALES everywhere..huh?

But with the recent economic situation plus of course having another child added to my family not to mentioned the frequent "brainwashing" or "constructive criticism" I got from my ever-supportive DH, I think I begun to build a stronger resistance towards SALES and am not that adrenaline excited over it now that I read WAREHOUSE SALES...etc..etc...

Ha..ha..yup am still drooling but at least I won't decide immediately to rush over to check out the bargain but to ask myself,

  • Yes, it's downright REALLY good bargain..BUT do I need it?
  • Yes, it's REAL cheap BUT does it worth the travelling, squezzing with crying kids?
  • Yes, it's warehouse sales BUT are you sure you ARE gonna find things really worth buying (this is a lesson learnt as more often than not I have wasted trip as it doesn't sound as good as in prints!!
And today as I read this in the TheStar does happened to me and DH sometimes actually..yup we ladies are weak at the word SALES...but guys fall for it(if they really want to buy something) Sales or no bigger PRICE tag too!

Check out the article , It's a sale! yourself and you'll laugh it off like me too ;)


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