Monday, July 13, 2009

Another update on poo poo trip

Hi frens, remember my previous blog post on constipation here and here.

Today I read about the opposite, what to do when it's diarrhea?
Check out the TheStar article here about 'Running' child here.
KY sometimes have diarrhea as well...not sure why, we suspect she often eat without first washing her hands.
So, we are making sure we have wet wipes in the car and get her and Shone to wash hand if not wipe with wet wipes before eating..recently I am trying to get some waterless cleanser which is safe for kids..does anyone of you use any waterless cleanser which is suitable for kids? Once, I had wanted to get Dettol brand but the staff told me that it's not suitable for young I wonder any brand made for kids? Is if effective?
Let's share with one another should we find any useful products like this!



Anonymous said...

i have no idea if there is any of those hand sanitizer that is safe for kids.

For me, i just use the wet wipes to clean Miya's hand when we're out of the house. kids being kids, touching every where & then simply bring the hands to the mouth with no worries. well i certainly worry about many disease, especially the H1N1. with the human swine flu being common here in melbourne, me & hubby just constantly use the dettol hand sanitizer after touching stuff in public or at supermarket. making sure that none of us, including miya, to ever2 put non sanitized hands to our mouth, nose, eyes & ears.

sounds like mission impossible, but we sure are trying our best.

do tell if u found a brand of hand sanitizer that is safe for kids.

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Mama-Miya, actually I did saw one for kids hand sanitizer but not sure if it's suitbale for young children or toddler..according to the pharmacist near me..."'s chemical use sparingly.."

Which I totally agree..cannot substitute safety with convenience.