Saturday, July 18, 2009

Would be be wary if.....

Over one lunch date with my DH(we work closeby, so now and then when his wife..a.k.a me woke up late, lazy or no vege to cook up 'our' lunch) we would have date to eat quick lunch together. 

This lady boss of a vegetarian restaurant we frequented(the nearest to DH's office) asked me aloud, " Are you not afraid that ur DH, being tall and ahem good-looking being snatched or clamored by "bees"?"

Well, which then I didn't really give it much thought and then replied.."It's been that way even before we got married, a.k.a "courting days"....and then added, " I would do the same" jokingly of course...

Honestly, I did not give that question a serious thought before..BUT after the lunch...I was thinking, If I am worried then I wouldn't married him in the first place rite? And it's not for me to get worried anyhow...handsome or not handsome when ur guy wanna play around he would!

And nope, I would never do "play" so...I was just joking with the lady boss as I cannot find any serious or wise answer for her impromptu question. 

I think any responsible parents would never do such thing as to "HURT" their partner and the marriage and thus making their kids suffers?????'s just a matter of faith and trust we have in our partner and God plus of course the "marriage management and bank account thing rite ...(Note" If you read, " Men from Mars, Women from Venus"

Anyhow, to conclude, I think it's high time I spend some COUPLE time catching up with my DH..I think busy parenthood can makes our heart lose connection if don't catch up with one another?

And this really needs some arrangement and some extra babysitting support from good grandparents? Rite?

This makes me feel grateful at least BOTH my parents and in-laws are not that far away from us...even though our weekends are filled with taking turns to visit both side parents ...partly why my house is always in a mess?? :P unless i use my zzz time to clean and tidy up the never-ending mess when you got TWO kids and TWO working parents??

Cheers for the day!

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