Sunday, August 16, 2009

How long can my house stay clean?

Less than 3 hrs after the kids are back in "ACTION", after I painstakingly clean it for 3 hrs...I normally do my sweeping, mopping, dusting once a week....

3 hrs, that is how long my house can stay clean and tidy...when you have active kids in the house..haha..

Well, I am not a tidy+clean-freak even though I must say MOST people would prefer a clean and tidy sight...

But when you have kids in the house(minus maid), don't expect the place to be clean and tidy at all times...

I used to admire and love the cosy-ness and comfortable place my aunt had...not super-tidy but it is clean and cosy and
kids are free to play and be comfortable with the place they call HOME!

So how long does your house stay clean?

I bet for those with maid would have cleaner homes and ironed shirts(or even undergarment? :P) as what one of my friend who forgo her maid said...the only thing she misses is nicely ironed shirts hehe..


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