Monday, August 17, 2009

Confinement Practices which works for me

Dear Folks,

As what I have shared here, I would like to share and get feedback as well from all of you on confinement practices.

The first part of this would focus on Confinement Practices which works for me.

After giving birth to two kids, I have went thru' two very different confinement experience.

And, in fact before I delivered my first child, I did a lot of research on my own, online as well as by asking friends, old ones as well as around my age.

So here's a list of practices which works for me which I find it useful to share with my friends here.

  1. Take non-cooling vegetables like long beans, spinach(good for calcium), choy sum etc. It really feels good to take vege and keep the bowel moving. (Try to avoid taking cauliflower and cabbage which can be rather gassy)
  2. Three fruits that we can take during confinement includes durian, longan and grapes.
  3. People under confinement should try to take 6 meals a day which include the normal 3 meals plus snacks in between.
  4. Breakfast for people under recovery like us should starts at around 6.30-7.30am; best time for nutrients absorption.
  5. Eat as much as your appetite allows you as during this time(confinement), if we manage to eat well , we would make our body stronger/healthier than before. This is not a time to start dieting. We need replenish the calcium etc that we lost.
  6. Drink red dates water as your plain water. Do not take plain water as much as possible as we were told that we might have water retention (truly, this is debatable as not very sure the scientific evidence part of it BUT anyway...I love drinking the nice and aromatic red dates drink so no complaints here...PLUS it really BOOST up my milk supply then! )


  1. While there are taboo of washing hair during confinement, my mil and confinement lady is ok with it. I am allowed to wash my hair a week after delivery with herbs and hot water. Just make sure that I did it during the hottest time of the day which is noon time. And to dry it really fast with hair dryer.
  2. Dry shampoo did not work for me during the first week of not washing hair. It makes my scalp itch.
  3. No fan directly blowing on me but I on the air-cond though :P at 25-26 degree.

For the benefits of those who read chinese, you can get more information here at SHL Confinement cares. It has articles in English too..but lesser.. ;)

I think there are more to share on this topic...but I would need to continue in another entry!

Stay tuned!



Hanz said...

Hi Molly,

A quick one what I did during confinement for sharing...
* Took sawi after 1 week
* Add grapes, dates, raisins
* My dish mostly fish either soup,grilled or black pepper
* Took chicken after 3 weeks
* Drink lots of plain water & milo
* Snack/breakfast & teatime by Jacob low-salt biscuit with coffee, quacker oats or cornflakes with milk
* Supplemented with doctor's precriptions.Can't take jamu as it's too heaty & would cause headache to me
* Douche with Amway herbs, Bath with Amway herbs (the Amway confinement set)
* Tied hair very tight & high
* Wear binder from tummy to mid-thigh
* Tungku (hot-stone) twice every single day
* Massage 3days in a row after 2 days delivery then once more after confinement ended.
* Wrap it up with Spa treatment specifically for post-natal

AlohaMolly said...

Thanks for ur sharing Hanz! It's interesting to learn about how other races are doing their confinement ;)

Do I even need to say I am half-awe/envy and shocked to see an Indian mommy who have just given birth the evening before taking shower and wash her hair the next day after delivering her baby...GUSTO!

Josephine said...

can eat fruits de meh?
my mama said besides red date water, can drink Milo kosong too...

KambingBujang said...

just want to share my confinement experience. click below link :