Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please help these animals find a home....

Dear Folks,

I am posting this on behalf of a friend.Her friend is leaving Malaysia in one month's time and she needs to find a home for her pets. if you know anyone who is looking for adorable dogs or cats, please let me know asap. For more info about them, see the message below. Thanks!



Dear Friends,

It looks like we are leaving Malaysia after almost ten wonderful years here.
We are sad to be leaving behind many fabulous people who we have met throughout the years, but we have also been forced to leave behind our kids - our three dogs and two cats. As you can imagine, this is heatbreaking for Ben and I.

Fortunately, we have found a home for one of the cats, but the rest still remain homeless. As you can see from the pictures on facebook, they are adorable and just the best companions! The black dog, Meekan and the short haired white one, Flikka are sisters with very unique personalities- and Jenga joined us a little later to add her own flavour to the family!

We also have Mystic the cat who spends most of her time hiding from the dogs and I'm sure would blossom in a good home without all the barking!

All of these animals were rescued off the street during different times of our stay here when they were tiny and although they have been fortunate enough to have a wonderful life thus far, there is still alot of life left in them. They are all amazing, well trained animals and a joy to have around.

So please, I beg you, if you, or if you know anyone who is looking for an adorable pet, please let me know. Pass the word around to everyone you know and have them pass the word around again. The more people that know about our kids, the bigger chance they'll have of being rescued again.

I know some of you have left KL already, but I was hoping if you still had the contact details of friends still here, you could pass them this email.

I know you'll all do our best to help us find a home for them and we pray that the luck they've had so far will stay with them after we've gone.

Many Thanks

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