Friday, August 21, 2009

Ten Tips to have an enjoyable Confinement

Can confinement be enjoyable? Yes! If you are ready to shift your paradigm and of course well-prepared!

Confinement for Chinese folks is a good time to rebuild our body, in fact those who are weaker before pregnancy might
want to take this opportunity to recover and boost up their body! ;)

Here are some of the steps I felt which can make confinement life more easier and enjoyable!
  1. Find a good confinement lady. Or if you mil/mother is taking charge of it...make sure you communicated your needs well before delivery(if you have such good terms with them)
  2. Lie down as MUCH as you can! You'll gain lotsa benefits by it. During my first one I was always walking about, breastfeeding, changing diapers etc, DIY most of the things except cooking and doing laundry as my mil is busy taking care of the other grandchild. I suffered from BACKACHE after and throughout my second pregnancy..Yep that is like for 2 years! For my second one, I learnt my lessons, I lie down as MUCH as I can(stop being stubborn and superwoman plus got myself a confinement lady).
  3. Enjoy your "FAST n HOT" shower(if you can) for hygiene and feel good factor especially in hot weather like in Malaysia. If the old folks still the Amway set..seems like they trust in this brand more :P
  4. Keep yourself warm and away from wind. Dry yourself up VERY QUICKLY after shower/touching water(like after washing hands etc). Wear caps and sweater if you are cold/ getting near cooling area in the house. Stay away from the fridge.
  5. Have a Trusted Cheerleading Buddy whom you can sms/talk to throughout the isolated confinement period. I need not elaborate on how some women actually suffered from post-natal depression due to lack of support etc? So buddy we need them especially for issues on breastfeeding. They are my best ally during the first 2 weeks of uncertainties and stressful time!
  6. Capture the moments. Snap pictures of yourself and your newborn! I snapped the most during that they are as still as it can be..perfect for snapshots unlike when they are older and started crawling, walking and running!
  7. Enjoy the yummy confinement food! After 28th day, you would never be able to withstand such heaty yet yummy dishes. If you can have some ideas what kind of food you like to take...I am lucky to have a great cook, she never repeat any of her dishes throughout the confinement days...amazing lady! :)
  8. Get your DH to be involved. Take time to let her DH take charge while you rest. They too need the bonding moments!
  9. Inform Friends/Visitors Frankly if you need your space and rest that visiting hours be short and sweet or even after confinement period is over. It's important for both you and the newborn to rest and not to be exposed with too much germs during this period of time. I told my friends who are so eager to come 2 weeks after delivery. If they are real friends, they would understand and respect that. If can't say it to relatives, your confinement lady might be your ally since she doesn't know those people personally, so no offence. My confinement lady made sure I and newborn rested while the guest who came(without advance notice) entertained themselves together with DH in the living room.
  10. Aware that the first 2 weeks might be a challenge especially in the case of breastfeeding...but persevere and have faith you will pass this test quickly..soon full moon would be in sight! Get whatever help/info required. Reach out whenever you need a listening ear! Enjoy the one month period! I can DO it! Lady are meek but once they become a Mother, they are as strong as they can be...Natural mother instinct to protect their offsprings!


Josephine said...

A lot of them said Confinement month is a torturing month...

KambingBujang said...

i had confinement @ MIL's house which is very bz lady. she will cook, mandikan baby, ensure my things all in place then she will go to work.

after that, its all my own. sometimes i felt ok,bcoz i can rest without any disturbance however on the other hand, i felt bored.

thanks to internet who accompany me day n night.. :D