Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updates on Ointment Helper 1 - Daktarin Gel

Hi folks,

Remember sometime back, I have told someone that I would post en entry about some ointment helpers I've purchase. So now, I like to update some of my personal experience on using one of the product I've tried.

Let me start off with Daktarin Oral Gel. I stumbled upon(by the recommendation of the website, pharmacist and the ped, I apply that on myself and son when we both suffered from Thrush.

This is the first time I encountered such thing although I have been heard of Thrush since before Shone was born.

Anyhow, just to update that this gel really work! Within 2 weeks the whitish spots disappeared fromthe mouth and the pain on the nipple(breastfeeding makes Thrush easily pass back to and forth baby and mom) also reduced.

Before trying daktarin, I was given a prescription drug to try out but it didn't work that well and fast.

So mommies out there, if you ever suffered from Thrush, you may want to give daktarin gel a try!


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