Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attended a Childhood friend's Wedding, 26 Sep 2006

> Hi folks, at my age i think this is the time that i'll receive lotsa
> Red Bombs a.k.a wedding invitation...
> I am happy of course seeing my friend united with his or life partner
> and starting a new chapter of their
> Life..
> In fact I quite like attending wedding of my buddies.. besides yummy
> dishes, i get to see lotsa old buddies as well..
> And i love to c wedding done in a special way... N last Sat my fren
> did it just dat.. In her own style... Arrived singing as a
> couple.... Lotsa hydrogen- filled balloons which liven up d dinner n
> kept d kids bz... Plus d fact dat it's very near to mooncake fest
> ( next week),
> D couple arranged some wedding-cum- mooncake-Themed quizzes
> Isn't dat memorable for all...
> Here's one of d pic i took.. It was a fully vegetarian wedding @
> Ahimsa n Magligai Vege Restaurant at Sri Petaling. We are served
> vegetarian shark fin too.... ;)

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Little Mama said...

congrats, your baby won one of the prizes at MBP Cutest Baby Contest