Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another day of mc

Last Sat vomitted once@ bbsitter's place and twice in d car on our
way to my parents' place. Then on Mon my stomach started feeling
bloaty n feel like vomitting. Went to c doc n he gave me an mc.

On Tues morning, dotter vomitted on d bed while i changed my boy who
had diarrhea. Then rush to change my girl and sped to washroom myself
to release.. Diarrhea hits me now n more than 10 times today.

On Wed DH mc when he had diarhea n vomitting. Though i hav my dad over
to help out, it's hard to rest well when kid ar around. We had to
separate two kids as one have just recovered n one just started....

Today sent both kids to bbsitter n went to c doc again as my stomach
still pain n vomited this morning. He gave me an injection n mc..

Hope WE ar gets better n stronger from it.... Take care my ped said
it's a virus which is spreading now.. He ordered us to stop milk for
Shone till he finishes off two bottles of Gatorade mixed with hot water
(6oz gato+ 1 oz hot water)

I think it worked as Shone seems better now. Start taking milk last
nite... Keep finger crossed..


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Anonymous said...

take care & hope u guys get better soon.