Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it good to make decision while in ANGER?

Dear folks,

I think most of us would have thought or even heard that it's good to keep silent(don't mouth any words)
and DON'T even make decisions while we are being ANGRY mode as we might make decisions which
we may REGRET later on? That's what I would totally agree with if not what I heard over the 988 radio station
on Wed afternoon.....

Read on..

A research has shown that..on contrary making decision when someone in ANGRY mode actually is a good
one for those who are often indecisive. As it makes them focus on what's really important and really what's they
truly feel inside. It makes them make a harsh, prompt yet timely decision instead of the normal dilly-dally or
over-analyzing and thus missing out on the opportunity or even making not a TRULY REFLECTING what they truly
WANT and FEEL like deciding to do.

How KNOCKED-OVER I am after hearing it...I for one is truly one who can be real indecisive for one....most of my
GOOD and OVERWHELMING decisions are made when I am being CORNERED, ANGERED or FRUSTRATED!!! does have a logic in it...BUT I would think it might not work for those who are DH for
once is someone totally opposite with me..he can make fast, prompt and clear-cut decision promptly...but I would say
(in my opinion) he might make decisions he might regret when he is in ANGER mode....

So about you? Which one do you feel you are? Whichever it is..I hope this sharing gives you a KNOCK-OVER
as it did to me as well...

Somehow, sometimes..things don't always work on what "normal belief" tells us aren't they..haha..points to ponder..


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