Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sharing my experience on Mom and Babies Online Shop- Mamaparadise

Dear Folks!

Ever since I became a mom, I started to scout for mommy and baby items which I can purchase online as it's pretty challenging to shop with a baby on tow.

One of the few online shops which I first came across and actually made some purchase is Mamaparadise (as you can see it's been listed as part of the online shops on my blog). Being a first-time mom and a novice in online shopping then, getting to know the online shop owner is quite ensuring for me to do my purchase online. The owner of Mamaparadise really has a personal touch to it. She not only gave me advice on cloth diapers , the dos and don'ts, and even gave me some suggestions and very good bargains. As she has children of similar age to mine and she is also breastfeeding, we sort of clicked to each other.

I remember I needed to get something urgently(I forgot what item it was..I think is Buds Shower Gel or something as KY's skin was rather sensitive and have slight eczema), so I called Mamaparadise owner, Clarissa and asked if she opened that day, so nice that she actually stayed near her warehouse and agreed to meet me at her shop. And THAT IS THE PERSONAL TOUCH that strikes me!

Thus, slowly I began to be more daring in my online purchases..haha and now I am an advocate of sorts for online shopping. I used to share with my mommy friends about online shopping and those few shops are the one I recommended. Each shops has its unique feature. As for Mamaparadise, to me it's unique in its products. You can find a wide range of products at her stores like flash cards, cloth diapers, breastfeeding attires, breastpump etc. And Mamaparadise often have sales and promotion as well which is the attractive features for tight-budgeted mommies like us right!

Another plus point is the owner regularly update us via her newsletter on new arrivals, promotion and news about her shop and kids in her blog. So, this shop gave me a very good impression that I made friends with the lady boss. A remarkable woman with three lovely kids.

So how was your experience while doing online shopping in particularly for mommies and babies products? Care to share your views?


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