Thursday, September 10, 2009

One month after graduated from AW Basic Training

Dear folks,

Today is exactly one month after graduating from Asiawork Basic Training(AWBT) and I am reflecting on how the training has affected my life so far. Whether I have still putting into practice all the useful and mind-empowering training on self-awareness...

I realised that even though I still have that little resistance over many encounters in life just as before, however this time round, whenever I face or acted on being resistant of whatever that is happening to me whether on changes in life, unpleasant encounters etc, I feel uneasy.

I know I am doing what I should in order to fully experiencing and living an ALIVE life.

This morning when a phone call reached me and asking for some kinda of "giving" on my part(which internally I feel joyful for doing it but my
usual reaction would be to resist and push away), this time I took time to ponder, look deeply inside me , do not allow my words came out from my mouth without truely reflect what I am feeling and thinking and wanting inside(as I always did). It works! At least this time I successfully listen and react in align to what I truly feel, believe and wanted to do!

I hope this self-awareness and the power to act as what I truly AM and wanted to do in life continues!

How is life for you right now? Are you doing what you really want to do and life your life as in being "ALIVE" at all times?

Carpe Diem to all!


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