Friday, September 11, 2009

So how was your 09.09.09 day?

Hi folks,

I know I am a bit late in asking this.....(hehe,but I am gonna ask anyhow :P)..So how did your 09.09.09 day goes? For me it was full of good n not so good episodes...but generally, on average I would think it is ALLRIGHT!

What I did on 09.09.09? I had lunch(normally I will packed from home so I don't really get chance to eat with them) with my colleague 'cos I have eaten my lunch for my morning breakfast. It was a busy, rushy morning..with two kids suddenly throwing their tantrums...phew...Didn't even managed to make soup for DH. So all he had for lunch is Vege Ham rice and egg. time to even add his chilli sauce..haih...

So had to grab him something nice for dinner or snacks to compensate a bit! Feel so bad...

Anyhow..really feel sluggish..engine not working at superb condition, maybe 'cos my son still wakes up twice at night! Yes, he still does so now...and he refused any bottle for milk when I am around...only juice or plain water is fine for bottle. Otherwise he would want only me...for his milk milk time...hmm..and lack of sleep means my supply seems not sufficient satisfy my growing boy making him not sleeping well too I his tummy not filled up full tank... hohoho....

Anyhow...I hope you guys have a great 09.09.09 day and hopefully good days continues to come if not better days!


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