Monday, September 7, 2009

SpellQuizzer Review and Giveaway at Family Book Store

A long-time(or at least it seems long for me hehe) blogger friend of mine, Ai Lian is having a review and giveaway for an effective spelling software for parents who want to improve their children's spelling called SPELLQUIZZER!

She is giving 1 free license(valued at USD29.95) away . To know more about this software and see how it works, the interface etc hop over to her review here .

For those who like to try out this downloadable kids spelling software, there's even a trial link to the software to try out!

Check out her site now!

Now, seeing how she tried on her son..I really interested to try the trial software and of course win a free license in her giveaway too!

So Good Luck to ALL of us!


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