Sunday, September 6, 2009

Confinement Food Recipe Sharing - Part 1

Dear Friends,

I think the Best/Special Part of Confinement is the special confinement food we take during the confinement period. Honestly I would love to learn some of those yummy black pepper recipes taken by most Malays during their DH would sure love these food..cooked with black pepper ..haha..

I would like to share some simple recipes I had here with my friends....there'll be Part 2,3..etc..shall I get to learn/know more other lovely recipes!

Ginger Egg Fried Rice

Cooked Rice
Sliced Ginger
1-2 eggs
sesame oil
soya sauce(optional)
(whichever as allowed in your confinement practice, for me it can be french beans, long beans, spinach or even asparagus - diced)

First fry the sliced ginger. Once turned golden, break two eggs and lightly scramble it on the pan/wok. Next add in the vegetables and lightly stir-fry. Add in the seasonings, salt and light soya sauce(optional). Lastly add the cooked rice and add generous drops of *sesame oil and fry lightly before served and eat it while warm.

* sesame oil can also be added in as oil to fry the ginger. But this type of frying only suits post-natal lady and not anyone else in the family as it is TOO HEATY for normal diet..haha...
This is my favourite dish made by my mil during my first confinement.

Stay tuned for pls. do share yours too...



Josephine said...

My mom cooks this for me sometimes. I love confinement foods! But it is just a bit too heaty...

AlohaMolly said...

hehe..yea..d best part is the food..besides having maternity leave..hehe