Friday, September 25, 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia – RM5,000 To Be Won!

Hi folks!
I read about this good news for all bloggers about the contest Weblog Popular 1Malaysia from MomBloggersplanet on the search for Weblog Popular 1Malaysia by Denaihati!!

Denaihati is searching for Weblog Popular 1Malaysia to share knowledge in better management of blog, from a super weblog which could be hiding in a crowd of millions of weblog in Malaysia.


How to win?

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open for Malaysian bloggers only, entry must either in Malay or English.
  2. Make a post in YOUR blog by choosing one blog that YOU like. And write the reasons why.
  3. In your post should include the word Weblog Popular 1Malaysia and I know about the contest Weblog Popular 1Malaysia from blog.
  4. In the post should include link to sponsors (need to be updated when there's a new one).
  5. In the post should include a link to Denaihati.
  6. Leave a comment with a link to your post at Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest page.
  7. Subcribe to Denaihati blog.
  8. Put the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia banner on your blog.
  9. Contest starts from 1/7/2009 dan ends 12.00 am on 30/9/2009.
  10. Minimum nomination for Weblog Popular 1Malaysia is 100 nominations.
  11. Minimum reference 2,3 dan 4 prizes are 50 other participants.
  12. 1 blog can only nominate 1 Weblog Popular 1Malaysia only.
  13. For the 5th prizes, only weblogs are qualified. Forum and general websites are not qualified.Only top 4 weblog are counted as winners.
  14. The organiser reserve the rights to change or update the terms and conditions anytime without notice.

The Prizes

  1. RM1,000.00 : 1 Weblog which gets the most nominations from bloggers will be crowned as the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.
  2. RM1,500.00 : Weblog which becomes the number one top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  3. RM1,000.00 : Weblog which becomes the number two top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  4. RM500.00 : Weblog which becomes the number three top referral of Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest participants.
  5. 4 x RM250.00 : Special prizes – Ranking no 1- 4 in with keywords "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" as at 12.00 am 30/9/2009.

The prizes are sponsored by SAUDACARE dan ANISHA ONLINE MALL.

This contest is open for Malaysian blogger only

So if you think your blog worth that RM 1,000,you can start lobbying now and ask a friend to nominate you.

So for me, I like to pick MomBloggersplanetto be crowned as Weblog Popular 1Malaysia simply because I felt it serves as a platform for many mombloggers in Malaysia. Lotsa sharing of knowledge and practical tips! And the blog owner sure knows a lot about the world of blogging and don't mind sharing the tips with all readers.

So guys, which blog is Weblog Popular 1Malaysia for you? Was it Or was it the RedMummy?THese two are super-duper hot and famous blogger in Malaysia but then have all the freedom to choose and nominate the blog that stands out in your heart!

So nominate and have your say if you like!



Little Mama said...

hi alohamolly, thanks for nominating.. i think you missed to mention from where you know the contest from.. other than that.. looks great to me.. cheers!

denaihati said...

terima kasih join contest dan pencalonan weblog popular 1Malaysia.

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Little Mama, I did mentioned but maybe not very clear and allow me to edit and make it clearer!


denaihati said...

Saja nak info ada hadiah tambahan untuk contest weblog popular 1Malaysia. Contest akan tamat pada 31/10/09. Jangan lupa check ranking anda di (keywords "Weblog popular 1Malaysia) kerana mungkin anda adalah pemenangnya dan juga tambahkan denaihati ke bloglist anda untuk update terkini contest. tqted