Monday, September 28, 2009

Son vomitted n having diarrhea

Hi folks, i hav not been writing much, son was vomitting thrice on Sat
and i had attended a childhood friend's wedding on sat evening,
visited my girlfren who have just delivered a bb girl on Sat morning,
visited my hubby's grandma on Sun afternoon for her birthday celeb
after sending Shone to see a ped and finally now back @ home n just
managed to do my laundry, sweep n mop d floor....

It was truly a bz n fully-filled weekend! Will update some pic i took


( was blogging from my phone while waiting for KY to finish her game n
zzz so dat i can go for my late shower.... )


Anonymous said...

thats a looooong weekend u've been thru.

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Mama-Miya...

Yeah...Loooooong weekend for me...but I am happy...been a great and fulfillign pray dat my son gets better n my dotter not affected by u noe how sickness passed on...