Thursday, October 29, 2009

Budget 2010

Hi folks,

Have you run through the new Budget 2010(for Malaysians)?

So after the announcement(refer TheStar) by government, what would your "drastic" action be?

Will you:
1. Terminate the other credit cards...hmm...RM50 charge to be imposed(per card) annually starting from Jan 1, 2010.
2. Increase or buy more insurance? Since they raise it to RM7K
3. Buy another computer?

Honestly I haven't study it clearly just hear it from the radio, news, newspaper and of course from the words of mouth.

But I think I will terminate my the other unused credit card. Previously used it for installment for new house furniture.

And I think DH is looking into the pc budget.

The only hurray I see it now is the broadband allowance of RM500..a good one so far..the rest..not sure how useful/helpful it is to reach 1Malaysia Goal!

Honestly, my only hope is a better and cleaner government who really cares and think for the welfare of the rakyat (Malaysians)'s future.

One who is prudent yet with foresight. Not one who mindlessly spent our hard-earned money unnecessarily.

See this news about how the money allocated for education is used in such pathetic way:

RM42,320 for a laptop

And more on how public funds(from rakyat's pocket are used):

Buck up on public funds management, Penang urged

Meetings planned with ministries and agencies to check excess spending

If our hard-earned money is used effectively in improving childcare, affordable medical facilities, world-class education at least taxpayers are happy to pay their tax yearly.

I sure hope the government would really LOOK INTO these matter seriously...harmony amongst different races is still not as huge issue as the common misused of public funds as public here unites all races! I think all races would look forward to having a clean and effective government.

Without that, everyone suffers.

Maybe they should let more women sit on their purchase and budgeting committee since women are known to be good at this! At least we certainly will not spent RM42,320 for a laptop and RM810 to RM1,050 per swivel chair!!!

Sigh..allrite for such down posting...let's pray and hope for the BEST to come for 1Malaysia's goal!


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Anonymous said...

i'm kinda upset with the credit card thingy coz i still have to maintain our malaysian credit card. it would be easy for us to pay for stuff when we come back home during holidays.

still wondering whats the logic behind it..