Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I brought along to visit a Just-Delivered Mommy

After giving birth twice via c-section, I learnt the things that mommies would treasured or needed most during hospital stay and during confinement.

Here are the items I quickly grab from my existing stock plus along my way(from Tesco as they opened at 8am at my place) to the O&G Pantai Medical Centre to visit my buddy,Charl.

Good for making noodles soup during confinement.
High in calcium, iron
Very good for wound recovery. It can be used to replace the old folks chinese remedies of using fish soup for wound recovery.
Easy to cook just drop into the hot boiling soup and voila
Japanese and Koreans eats this a lot..especially adding into their miso soup(yummy)

Organic Soya Powder(added with DHA from seaweed)
Perfect for mommies during confinement who BF as they needs lotsa fluid replacement plus nutrients

Soya Noodles
This is just something I brought along to pass to my UK buddy,Charl who is fond of Asian food but not sure if she knows where to get one

Rich chocolate cookies
Something convenient to snack on during hospital stay and confinement. In individual pack.
Confinement is the only time(for me) I can snack on biscuits and cookies without worrying about getting heaty(LOL)

What are the things you would bring along for your friend who has just delivered? Or what are the things you hoped to receive during your hospital stay after labor and during confinement? Although flowers are lovely...but it can be eaten :P(so unromantic LOL)?

Care to share? Me love learning the PERFECT GIFT...(have you checked out my maiden giveaway at my site here? It ends on 15 Nov, so do join and give your thoughts ok!)


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