Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Alpha

Hi folks,

I believe for those who are familiar with blogging scene in Malaysia would have sniff or at least had several previews of the videos shown on some of the top Malaysian bloggers on youtube.

This ingenious project called Project Alpha is the brainchild of Nuffnang together with the production house Kyanite , their lovely host JojoStruys and of course their main sponsor for Project Alpha, Adidas Action 3.

Their theme called Uncovering Malaysia's Top Bloggers. As I have read about Project Alpha from the blog of Nuffnang co-founder, Timothy Tiah(one of the regular blog I read), before it was launched, for once I thought it was gonna be shown on TV. So for the first week of Friday when they supposed to be showing Fourfeetnine(another regular blog I read), I booked and glued to the TV, reserved my friday night to view it on TV.

However after around 9pm, still no sight of any new TV programme called Project Alpha, I finally went online to check ...eiks...LOL, it is supposed to be shown online with those videos uploaded in youtube....I am so shy to admit this...I did not read the promotion lines carefully I just so EXCITED to see some of the bloggers whom I regularly read their blogs diligently would be interviewed and on TV(so to speak!!!)

BUT, then again I think I saw one of the promotion about Project Alpha on TV whereby JojoStruys and Timothy was explaning what it was all about! Well, this mommy must have been dreaming or what...I actually remembered I was explaining to DH about this Project Alpha thingie and bet DH knew I was really expecting to view it..on TV....haha...

Anyhow, on youtube is even BETTER! As my tv time is VERY limited, now I get to download those videos onto my Iphone and just view it on my very LIMITED time I had!! LOL..being mom...I watched those videos showing Fourfeetnine, Redmummy, NicoleKiss and KennySia on my phone while pumping milk, while lying on bed waiting my dotter goes to bed,while waiting for DH in the car or in his office...everywhere..haha...this is how crazy I am about these top bloggers in Malaysia...I really feel "so young" like a teenager chasing after idols and stuff..haha...

But honestly, these are what I felt after watching several episodes of Project Alpha:
1. Episode which really strikes me is Ep. 1 Kenny Sia : when he describes how he moved back to Malaysia from Australia despite having a good job there and a girlfriend and then started blogging.

2. Episodess that attracts me is this adventurous and very good-looking travel blogger, Nicolekiss showing and describing her travel adventures in all episodes(I repeatedly watching all her videos...maybe it's been my dream to travel like her while I was young and single..and bet it's all women dream to be good-looking as her too..LOL)

3. Episodes that humbles me(if there's such a word) is watching Fourfeetnine: she is simply fragile(from Ep3 where she goes to the gym), cute, pretty little girl which is really real and truthful(no pretence) .Deep down, I felt she is a strong girl inside. Given a chance (how about when she becomes a mommy haha...bearing child of Tim?) she would be as brave and mighty as the tigress protecting her cub!! ;) For sure..

These are the three bloggers which I truly find inspiring!! Of course, there are also the ever-so-red Redmummy whom I personally met her during one of the event organised by Nuffnang last yea, Project Alpha makes me get to know her she is quite HUGE in Malay blogging thing to note, sometimes I find it hard to follow her very Malay style of writing in her blog,very conversational style, which is what makes her blog entertaining and attracts huge Malay followers I think,'cos she speaks their language? Something that clicks me with this Redmummy is the fact that she is a mom and is part of this parenting bloggers mommy whom I personally am inspired and look up to.

Now, I am gonna watch more of the current episodes on Beautiful Nara( the word that introduce his blog as gossip with ethic or in Malay- Gosip dengan berhemah). As well as another daredevil blogger SixthSeal. And lastly another Entertainment Blogger, Budiey.

Wanna check out the Project Alpha episodes yourself? Check it out here.


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