Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Special Tribute to a Lovely Lady

Today is the birthday of my aunt, Alicia.

She is a remarkable lady to me.

B'cos of her, I researched on WAHM as it was her goal and dream many years back to be a WAHM. I used to chat with her a lot as I am staying very close to her then during my college years as well as when I first started working .

To reached her goal, she has tried many things, from MLM, home-business in cake-making, hamper delivering to fish cake business. She never stop at anything to reach her goal to achieve work life balance and spend more time with her three children(my cousins).

And right now, she's almost there or I should say quite at it now...working from home in Australia(she finally migrated there for the sake of her children's education).

She's been the pillar of strength for her families. She is also the one who kept the family connected and filled with tradition.

On my wedding she even helped me to prepare those traditional Tang yuan(see picture). I really have to thank her being being my pillar of strength too during those blurry times being a young college student and working adult. She's like a mom and friend to me during those times as I don't get to go back to my hometown dat often then as I am always working during semester break else I'll be travelling or joining camps or etc. Never been a @home kid I supposed.

Now, although I have not been able to see her(I can't display her picture here without her permission! But she is certainly a lovely and gungho lady!) or chat with her as often, but deep down I am sure she's still the forever Alive, Active and Passionate person at Down Under.

I wish her All the BEST of health and May Lady Luck Smiling at her at all times...protecting her and family...and bless them too!

Happy Birthday Aunt Alicia! May my family & I able to visit them in Australia very soon!


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