Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Very 1st Anniversary Giveaway by Chatterbox

Dear folks,

Another giveaway from my blogger friend,Hanz who is an advocate for Breastfeeding and Cloth-diapering(amongst the few causes she often blogs about at her blog here)

Now how to enter Chatterbox's 1st Anniversary Giveaway?

Follow 3 Simple Steps below:
(extracted from Chatterbox's giveaway entry)

1) Write a post / entry in your own blog about my giveaway. Just 1 post, not more, not less. Please make sure, you put up linkable this giveaway link & my Chatterbox link as well.Invite your friends to join too.

2) Visit /Browse / Surf this Chatterbox as often as you like & by all means, for any post you will find it usefulness, help yourse
lf to it but please let me know. I love to share anything that I know or experienced with others. Do get to know this Chatterbox & me, can provide your opinion, views, ideas or whatever feedbacks, be positive or negative, I'm ok with it.

3) Leave your (i) blog link entry about this giveaway &
(ii) your feedbacks on my Chatterbox's Content in this Giveaway entry at Vis-a-vis.(Comment)

This giveaway starts on 15th of October & ends on 15th of November, 2009 @ 11:59pm (Malaysian time)


3 winners that might win any of these at about the same value:

1 piece of Linda Linda Enviro-Safe side sling bag

(Picture is just sample. Real prize will update soon)

L41cm x D9cm x H37cm
made of polyester water proof foldable into pocket sizegreat for storage of diapers/bottles/clothes/laundry perfect for any leisure occasion : shopping/swimming/picnic...and many more

2 pieces reusable Cloth Pad

(Picture is sample.Nevertheless it's about the same & real image will update soon)

2 pieces funky prints Cloth Wipes

(Above picture is sample only.Prints may differ in future)

Additionally, 3 early bird entries will receive Mystery Gift! So, in total 6 prizes are up for grabs & all are GREEN GIFTS!!

For more information about this giveaway,check out at Chatterbox now.


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Hanz said...

Noted. Thanks. Good luck!