Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day '09

In conjunction to Blog Action Day today (October 15th) which focus on climate change (Check out more details on Blog Action Day here), I like to post up what are the action each individual (myself included) can do on Climate Change issue.

What WE can do Climate Change issue?
  1. Adopt Plant-based/ Vegetarian Diet (even if it's twice a week)
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Everyone should have heard of this 3Rs)
  3. Stop using Aerosol and other CFC products(No explanation required the its harmful effects)
  4. Go for Organic/ Natural Produce and Products (reduce carbon footprints)
  5. Promote and Support Environmental Campaign (via daily action,blogs,community work, etc)
  6. Invest in energy-saving products like light-bulbs, washing machines, refrigerator,vehicle/automobile, etc(it helps to save the environment and our wallets ;) )
  7. Turn off the lights and electricity when not in use (not just for an hour during Earth Day campaign)
  8. Use less disposables (diapers, utensils like fork, spoon,cups, containers) and bring own reusable containers for food packing
  9. Stop using plastic bags (Reusable bags are the trend now!)
  10. Car-pool, cycle,walk, buy groceries in bulk , reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission (simple steps which is good for the environment,out pockets and our health!)
Enough said, these are all very simple action EVERYONE can take towards contributing positive effect on Climate Change!

So,what are we waiting for? Let's Do It NOW!


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