Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weblog popular 1Malaysia

Hi folks,

Have you heard the news? If you have missed out on the hype on Weblog popular 1Malaysia...fear not the organiser has extended the original deadline from 30th Sept 09 to 31st Oct 09!

Meaning, you have another month to nominate the blog you think deserve for Weblog popular 1Malaysia title ;)
Which blog have you picked? For me I have nominated MomBloggersPlanet as Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.

I have seen many other blog owners are currently lobbying now and ask a friend to nominate you, one of them is MomBloggersPlanet! They provides some attractive rewards which you can check here.

If you happened to be a fan and supporter of MomBloggersPlanet like me, then this is a double good news for you, as you would get to nominate for your chosen blog and win some rewards at the same time! Kills two birds with one stone ;)

So head over to nominate your Weblog Popular 1Malaysia organised by Denaihati!!

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