Monday, October 12, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update -Day 2

Hi folks,

Here is my Day 2 post on Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009. Check out my previous post on this event on Part 1,Part 2 and Day 1.

For Day 2, we started off with another CEO Forum- Marketing through Social Web Media. And the panelist are the who's who in the Social Web Media now in Malaysia:

Chris Tan, Managing Partner, Chur Associates

Kid Chan, Founder & Celebrity Photographer, KIDCHANSTUDIO

Timothy Tiah, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Nuffnang

Tan Yet Mee, Founder & Editor,


Eliza Noordin, Vice President, Teak Capital

Yes, include the famous wedding or event photographer, Kid Chan and of course Nuffnang Co-founder Timothy Tiah!!

Here's a picture I managed to capture with Timothy...thanks to a new-found friend I befriended during the conference who managed to capture a shot for me before Tim is surrounded by swarms of bees or Gorgeous Geeks... :P well by the way,if you have been following Tim's blog here, you would know he's very dedicated to his Princess(gf) ok....even before agreeing to attend this conference, he have asked his Princess for the Go Ahead ok...such nice guy!!

Ok, back to the Day 2 agenda, we have Chris the geeky lawyer who has strings of associates and sit on the board for various organisation...well..although he talked a lot(lawyer ler) , rather lengthy talk but what he show on what he has done on his website(allow me to track back his site url) is rather he has used various social media tool in his site.

Then we have Kid Chan,the celebrated photographer which sorry I don't recall much of what he shared other than the story about his wife and his privacy. Maybe I am too attracted by his cool black sunglasses. But he does strikes me as a rather nice family guy, he even brought his mom along and guess what his mom uses Facebook as well! Oh yes, he did mentioned about having his Fan Page at Facebook and getting deals for his wife (a fitness instructor) from his client. The power of social media!

Then comes Timothy who demonstrated the power of social media(in this case Twitter) by calling out few names in the audience whom he have not met but have seen their twits saying that they are now attending Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009. Now that speaks out a lot about how social media

is set to transform how social networking and biz works now.

Next we have Product & Market Positioning - Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy, a true case study and real life example on the application of Blue Ocean strategy from the planning, marketing to the operation of Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre by Sharon Ang, the lovely Centre Manager. I am eager to visit this centre to witness the technology and method they applied as a fact we received some vouchers(gg out there..anyone of you have gone to the centre or like to go...leave your comment here!)

Then, we have a wow, fast yet very very informational talk by the Ebay Power Seller cum eBay Education Specialist and owner of Chiica Consultations, Carol Fung sharing on The Online Opportunity - Why We Should Be Selling on eBay. Another real-life example topic very very good one!

Then we have another forum on Journey for Financial Support & Grant for Business Part 2 which I have not find it useful largely 'cos I have yet to have such a great SME idea which I feel valid for a grant/loan but to many women entrepreneur who attended the event,I think they find it beneficial!

Next we have E-Payment for E-Commerce: All about E-Payment and How to prevent Online Fraud by ipay88. For those who used to purchase/sell online,I think this co. is not unfamiliar for you. It's a gateway for online (credit card) purchase.

Last but not least we have Letting Customers Find YOU – and YOUR PRODUCTS, On the Internet by Hanson(the only Google Inc employee based in Malaysia and yes he is working from home too!). His talk largely focus on Google Adword. And we received Google Adword voucher from them ;) (GG, have you used your Google Adword voucher, if you don't need it, pls. let me know..I would love to have it..thanks ya!)

OK..that sums up my coverage(cheh wah) on Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 .

Hopefully by the next event by GG, I would already become an Entreprenuer or Technopreneur!


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