Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Updates

Honestly speaking, this is my first time that I really take some time to do something special on our wedding anniversary. This year is our 4th anniversary...makes me looked back and wonder what did we do for the last 3 anniversaries? Not much...why?

1st anniversary, we were busy with our newborn, and I am still barely after confinement then.
2nd anniversary, I was busy having morning sickness for our second child
3rd anniversary, again we were busy juggling two kids and I am just back to work after confinement

haha...so what did we do on our 4th anniversary..well..not much but at least something memorable for KY...we brought her to sit on a speedboat, passenger boat and wooden boat type...to Pulau Ketam.

Coincidently, a good friend of ours is having their wedding at Pulau Ketam on the same day as our wedding anniversary(lunar/chinese calendar,i.e. on Mid-Autumn Festival), thus we took the chance to celebrate this special day with this young couple friend. DH is engaged as the "heng tai" or the group of best men for the groom and KY& I just roped in as well...just to join in the fun.

This is the first time KY sat on a boat. Here's a picture taken with our buddy's daughter,En Qi who is the same age as KY so she had great company that day...someone her age.

Remember the free card shipping from Cardstore for their SendHope campaign? I have ordered a special customised picture card for DH and it arrives just before the big day!
Now it sits on DH's table ;)

Nothing extravaganza...but something happy to cherish....

Thanks DH for the love, support and companionship!


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