Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update- Part 1

Hi folks, I have been wanting to blog about the Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 which I have attended sometime back.

It was such an event that opened up my eyes to a bigger world of women who have been such great inspiration and CAN-DO attitude!

First, I would like to start of with the event organiser, Gorgeous Geeks which is a Special Interest Group under the Association of Software Architect ( . The aim of the group is to provide network and support for women in the information, communication and technology industry as well as to inspire other women to join the profession. The group also encourage all women to use technology as part of their lifestyles.

Check out more about this special group formed by these passionate women here.

Now, the event theme was " Putting lipstick on technology" which is a rather catchy and apt theme to suits the event and the group's focus.

The event's emcee herself was a rather remarkable woman(which I recently found out from reading an article about her in Malaysian Women Weekly's magazine...hopefully I did not spot the wrong person...please gorgeous geek out there, if you happened to drop by my blog and found that I spot the wrong person, pls. correct me!!)

I recalled the emcee introducing herself as Chew as in chew-ing our food...which makes me remember her ...and the other day when I was visiting my girlfriend at Pantai Bangsar and I saw this article about Chew(being a hearing impaired gal who is very passionate about organ donation and had donated her organ recently,see pic below) and cannot help to take a picture of that article published in what should be the Sep/Oct 2009 publication of Malaysian Women Weekly(one of my fav. mag).
Stay tuned for more updates about this conference as I find it too much and too "emotional-overwhelming" to put it in a single blog :P

CHeers! Stay Gorgeous and Geeky!

Now,that really opens up my eyes to what other remarkable women and even guys I have met during the conference....

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