Monday, November 16, 2009

Another favourite quick dish- Yee Mee

Hi folks,
I made this using just 10minutes....
First stir-fry vege ham, tofu, mixed vege, mushroom in olive oil then
add seasoning and some water.
Then add in the yee mee(a type of pre-fried noodles) . Simmer awhile
(1-2 mins, depends how u prefer the texture of the noodles, for softer
bite, simmer for 5mins) and serve hot. two kids loves
this, so do DH & I ;)



Anonymous said...

surely will be nice with cili kicap.

AlohaMolly said...

Yea..DH would love with cili kicap..but hehe normally for's "original" flavour!

Thanks for the tips!

cheers! :)