Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great Reusable Bag Giveaway by Tiny Tapir

Are you a big fan of reusable bag like me? Check out some of my reusable collections here and how I packed my giftpack to a mom-to-be in nothing but reusable bag here..both for practical and green sake!

Now Good News, Tiny Tapir is having a giveaway on reusable bag(check out their lovely reusable bags below...yummmy yummy looking..hope I can win one both for my usage and collection! hehe..

So how do we enter this giveaway? Simple...just follow the steps below:

Just send Tiny Tapir a photo of you using your reusable bag, and you will stand a chance to win a set of :

- an Onya Weigh bag set of 8 – valued at RM49

- a Regular RuMe – valued at RM36

- an organic string bag – valued at RM15

Total value RM100 !

One set up for grabs for every 20 entrants – so if you keep sending in the photos, Tiny Tapir will keep giving out the bags…

Ends on 30th September 2009

to enter, we can do any one of these :

- send your photos to tinytapir at gmail dot com

- blog your photo and link this blog entry

- upload the photo on facebook and tag it with the Tiny Tapir Fan page (you'll need to be a fan first!)

Onya Weigh Large_Turquoise _450

So guys, what are you waiting for? Hurry now and enter the contest to win those lovely bags :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd anniversary Passionate Homemaking blog Giveaway- Healthy Homemaking e-book!

Hi folks,

I saw an interesting giveaway for homemakers at Passionate Homemaking blog here.

They are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Passionate Homemaking blog! They are planning to host a few exciting giveaways and this week they are starting with Healthy Homemaking e-book giveaway.

Check details below about the ebook from Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home.:

Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 8.57.55 PM

(extracted from Passionate Homemaking blog)

If you haven't seen Steph's new e-book, you will want to check out this handy little resource. Healthy Homemaking: A 52 Week Journey of Baby Steps to Help you Move Towards More Natural, Nutritious and Sustainable Lifestyle is a quick and easy read but altogether practical! If you are just getting starting in living more naturally and healthy, this book is especially for you! If you have been on the journey for awhile, this book will provide you with some extra encouragement and accountability. It is a baby step guide, 52 weeks to be exact, of easy steps towards cleaning your home naturally, avoiding waste, eating healthy, and living wholeheartedly in being good stewards of God's kingdom. I found it very enjoyable to read. Each step can take a week at a time or you can draw it out as long as you desire, but each step is simple.

Stephanie's description is as follows:

This 76-page eBook includes:

** 26 Baby Steps, covering a broad range of topics in the areas of Nutrition, Cooking and Food Preparation Techniques, Going Green/Sustainable, and Natural (non-toxic) Living. Each step gives you a specific goal, teaches why that step is important, and then gives detailed directions and tips for implementing that step into your life. At the end of each step, you'll find both online and reading resources to help you with completing the step, as well as to encourage you to look into it more on your own.

** A printable chart intended to help you keep track of the steps that you are working on. It includes space to set goals for yourself, as well as to write your own notes and reminders as you implement these steps.

** A detailed introduction, discussing some of the why's and motivation behind pursuing a journey like this.

** My own personal journey. I share with you my story, from unhealthy child and teen, to where I am at today. It is a story full of bumps and challenges, huge learning curves, many mistakes and ultimately, a whole lot of God's grace.

Passionate Homemaking are offering 5 copies of this e-book to 5 lucky winners!

How To Win

1. Leave a comment on their post here and tell them your favorite practical and easy step towards more naturally living. What was your first or favorite step in the journey?

2. For a second entry, follow them on Twitter and pass on the love about the giveaway or blog about it and make sure to let them know about it.

Giveaway ends: Saturday, September 19th at 5:00 pm PST. Open worldwide!

So folks, if you interested in winning this ebook..hop over toPasionate Homemaking blog now!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Naming your children

Hi Good Day to all!

Today saw an interesting article about naming children in TheStar Online here called Nametag.

It talks about the brightest names in Britain and those names under Teacher's pets or pest...

For parent-to-be...haha...for your leisure reading...have a good laugh while pondering on the names
for your child!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: New Accessory for my Gadget from DH

Had bought invisible shield before from but was not totally satisfied..trying out this new casing from DH.


Testing P1 Wimax

The other day as I was "shopping" for new internet broadband packages, I stumbled upon streamyx combo and P1 I was trying to find ways to trim down my internet bills since I don't use it "heavily" as before.....

So right now I am testing out the P1 RM49 package and see if it can accommodate a light user like me at home with 400kbps.

Anyone out there using P1 wimax or any other internet packages(in apartment) and find it works well for them at cheaper rate?

Hear from you..


Monday, September 14, 2009

GoJane Yummy Giveaway(Open to all)

Hi folks,

I stumbled upon this site called Go Jane which one can find lots of cute dresses and shoes for less than $20(USD)

pleated-cap-sleeve-paisley-dress buckled-t-strap-sandal

Pleated cap sleeve paisley dress ($14.40) + Buckled t-strap sandal ($8.99)

I simply love the current sales they have on sandals..perfect for warm summer! Did I say I am a sandal lover especially those comfy yet stylish ones..especially useful for mom with kids on the go..

And right now Sandier Pastures is organizing a giveaway. One lucky winner will get a $25 gift certificate to spend at Go Jane!

What you have to do to win is browse all the items at Go Jane and pick which one you'd buy with your $25 gift certificate and leave a comment at Sandier Pastures.

A winner will be chosen at random on 18th September 2009. This contest is open to everyone, wherever you live!

As a shopaholics, aren't we simply thrilled and glad to be asked what we like and at the same time win some lovely prizes too!

So folks..interested? Head over to Sandier Pastures now to check out more details!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stay safety & healthy during Ramadhan

One day I was nearly hit(on driver's side) by a motorbike who was SPEEDING very very FAST...and I honked (of course!) like MAD too...Was terrified especially with my daughter sitting beside me...and luckily He was no ROad Bully and salute a sign saying sorry....

Frankly speaking, somehow I noticed people are driving more QUICKLY and "SLUMBERLY" during fasting month. Sorry no offence ya..on normal days I think anyone would do so too if they are lacking of sleep. I have seen a lorry driver pakcik fell asleep in front of the traffic light turning green and he is the first in the line..and of course people were honking like no other business...sigh...

But seriously, let's all drive safely and stay awake and sane on the road at all times not only during Ramadhan. Patience really pays for a safe and happy Raya celebration with families and friends. Each time I am on the road, I kept reminding myself that each drivers on the road are either someone's parents and/or children, so let me be more patient and give ways whenever it is legal and possible. It really makes my day when I met with polite and courteous drivers on the road...

Ramadhan is really a month which I salute to many Malay friends...even while I was studying we asked our Malay teacher not to talk too much(since they are fasting and cannot drink water) but to write on the board for whatever assignment they wanted us to complete for the day. I am one person who are not able not to drink water, and I recalled reading a blog where a breastfeeding mom actually manage to fulfil the one month fasting while breastfeeding her child...really salute to her perseverance!

Anyhow, Ramadhan is a month before Syawal(Hari Raya),so let's stay alert, practise our faith while staying sane and safe on the road ...and look forward to a Healthy, Safe and Fun Raya !

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslims friends!