Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mamours Year End Sale, 18-Nov-2009 To 03-Jan-2010

Hi folks,

Stumbled upon a new baby shop having sales...

For your info or viewing pleasure!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Chance to be spotted by casting directors

Hi folks,

Saw this at Parenthots, like to share with you all:


Chance to be spotted by casting directors

If your child is keen on acting, then you'll want to send her or him to the Fusion Academy of Performing Arts Malaysia.

From Dec 5-12 there will be performances by the children and this is where they get to show off their talent. In the audience during that period will be casting directors from a production house that does children's programmes for Astro and another that casts children for commercials.

So, if your child is performing then and he or she is truly talented they might be picked up by the casting directors.

A rough rough programme worked out by Fusion founder Ben Douglas together with facilitators Alexandra Jay and Natalie Francis for the two-week workshops. Note: This list will be tweaked if necessary during the worshops sessions.

Junior Fusion - Nov 30-Dec 5
Excerpts from Mamma Mia and Annie
Finale will have junior and senior fusion doing a performance.

Junior Fusion - Dec 7-12
Excerpts from High School Musical and Oliver
Finale will have junior and senior fusion doing a performance.

Senior Fusion – Nov 30-Dec 5
15 and above: Bop to the top / You are the music in me /Get'cha Head in the game
11 to 14 year olds: What Time Is It /Breaking Free/Bet on it
8 to 10 year olds: What I've been looking for / Fabulous / Stick to the Status Quo
Finale – We're all in this together - The whole school

Senior Fusion - Dec 7-12
15 years and above: Mamma Mia / Winner Takes It All with Alexandra Jay/ Waterloo
11-14 years old: Dancing Queen / Thank you for the music / I have a dream
8 to 10 years old: Honey Honey / Money, Money, Money/ Voulez Vous
Finale – mega mix = Mamma Mia/ Dancing Queen/ Waterloo

Finale: Heal the World – the whole school

For more information, call (03) 2698 3566 or go to

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terrible Two Stage

Now, as Shone is progressing into 18 months, I can see the signs of terrible twos appearing.

Some of the things that he starts doing now are:
  1. Snatch his sister's toys/book/mommy(in this case me)
  2. Will shout/scream angrily when he is not given access to things that he wanted(in this case at times small tiny object, diaper cream, mozzy repellant spray, etc)
  3. Will swing his head backward(while we try to calm his temper fit and dissolve the quarrels with KY by removing/carrying him) when he is annoyed of not given what he wanted
  4. The list goes on.
Are you having the same tantrum from you child?

Now, recently I saw this ebook package, The Toddler Terrible Twos eBook PLR includes the following:

* Professionally written PLR eBook
* Mini site professionally designed includes sales, download and
affiliates pages
* Sales copy to help you sell your eBook
* eCover and Banner graphics that match the mini site design
* Complete source files include .DOC & .PSD
* Only 100 licenses available

...and it's only $27.00

Are you interested to take a peek or purchase this ebook PLR on Terrible Two? Check out their link here:


Google Wave mania

Hi folks,

I have gotten this habit of testing new gadgets and platform and even ideas partly from my first work in Elearning and Education line.

So lately I have got this Google Wave invitation(yeah a bit late...I know...but have been trying for sometime to get invited :P) which I registered sometime back was a happy day for me.

I am eager to check out what are the new features which can be used as part of my work and lifestyle too.

Will update more about it soon!

Do share with me if you are exploring Google Wave or have been an avid user already!

Love to hear how it helps or what interesting features that you have adopted!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nestle Year End Sale Fair, 4 to 6 December 2009

Yummy Sales...chocolates... perfect gift for Christmas and lovers?

Happy Shopping!



4 to 6 December 2009

Nestle Year End Sale Fair

Brands Offered


Kit Kat

Koko Krunch


Nestle Ice-Cream


Time: 10am – 10pm



Jalan Batu Tiga Lama

41300 Klang

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10% STOREWIDE SALES at Fabulousmom,1 - 7 DEC 2009

Hi folks,

In conjunction with the opening of their new outlet at Bandar Puchong Jaya (BPJ), fabulousmom is

having a store wide sales at their outlets as well as online store. Plus they are also having a contest(1 December 2009 - 31 January 2010).

Check out the details(as shown below or at their site here)

Happy Shopping!



10% STOREWIDE (1 - 7 DEC)


100 fabulous prizes to be given away

Contest period: 1 December 2009 - 31 January 2010

Prizes are as below:

1) Fabulous Mom Amber Bra and Bikini Set worth RM69.90 x 10

2) Fisher Price Link a Doos Music & Motion Gym worth RM249.90 x 1

3) Fisher Price Link a Doos Animal Flashcards worth RM24.90 x 20

4) Sacred Tea worth RM89.90 x 10

5) Buds Cherished Organics Happy Baby Gift Sets X 2

6) Buds Everyday Organics Mozzie Clear worth RM33.90 X 5

7) Buds Everyday Organics Head to Toe Cleanser worth RM27.90 x 5

8) Carven Designer T-Shirt worth RM29.90 x 10

9) Eco Shopping Bags x 2

10) Simple Dimple Jordy Giraffe Nursery Set worth RM29.90 x 5

11) Simple Dimple My 1st Bedroom Set – Bunny worth RM29.90 x 5

12) Mom's Precious Storage Bottles and Containers worth RM20.00 x 10

and many more prizes will be added to the list soon!


a) You just need to spend a minimum of RM50 at our online store or our retail boutiques at BPJ and TTDI.

b) Every RM50 spent will entitle you to 1 entry form. More entries might bring you more prizes. :-)

c) Drop the entry forms to any of our outlets or mail us your entry forms.

Corelle Corningware Warehouse Sale, 4 to 6 December 2009

These products are some of our(DH & I) favourites...

Check them out if you are looking for quality cookware!


Corelle Corningware Warehouse Sale

Brands Offered





Time : 10am to 7pm

Location (Tel 014 725 6686)

The Atria Shopping Centre

Jalan SS22/23

Damansara Jaya

47400 Petaling Jaya

Organized by Perwira Nadi Trading Sdn Bhd

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Perfect Gift First Giveaway Results

This is a sticky post till 30 Nov 2009, 11.59pm..please scroll down to latest update/blog entry! Cheers!
Hi folks,

Thanks for joining the First Giveaway with the theme to Find a Perfect Gift!

Here's the results tally so far.

So we have 8 lucky participants. 8 is a lucky no. for Chinese so hope this giveaway brings some good luck for everyone. So now, let's see who is the lucky winners amongst the 8 lucky participants:

1. The most CREATIVE answers[give a big clap to..] -
Waylandcook (creative handmade gift)

2. The most ENTRIES POINTS Winner is [drumroll pls..]- Yen Ping (50pts)

3. The most PERFECT GIFT answers [decision of all juries, see reason below]-
asmieyra shared the perfect gift for anyone is "custom t-shirts, shirts, & Tee -make unique T-shirts and special design your own, personalized apparel as gifts" ..which all juries feel is indeed a special and perfect gift.

4. BONUS award:The most HONEST & PERSONAL GIFT Winner is - shaparin
Why? Cos we feel her answer for the perfect gift as,"
VOUCHERS from their fave store :)", though may sounds uninteresting/unromantic for some but for us who used to get vouchers as gift to friends(mostly very closed friends) and even agreed(happily) to received vouchers/cash as gift as it is a rather practical idea which in fact needed the sender to put in extra effort to find out which are their fav. store and most of the time this involves very close relationship.

Now, let's sum up the prizes for the lucky 4 winners:
1. The most CREATIVE answers winner, waylandcook won herself a Creatively-designed G-Force Paper Frame (worth RM40)
The most ENTRIES POINTS Winner, Yen Ping won herself two tickets to Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Rink(thanks to my recent winning streak in winning a few tickets myself and would like to fwd the fun gift too!)
3. The most PERFECT GIFT answers winner, asmieyra won herself a cute hot bun from Santa Gift Shop.
4. BONUS award:The most HONEST & PERSONAL GIFT winner, shaparin won herself a mystery voucher from us ;)

Thanks for your participation and hope all folks enjoyed as much as I did in my quest to search for my perfect gift!

Winners, please leave your full name, mobile no., mailing address to for prize delivery(please feedback by 30 Nov 2009, 12midnite Malaysian time, if no takers/reply, the gift shall be passed on to either next giveaway or next participants)

Thanks SantaGiftShop for sponsoring the prize for
the most PERFECT GIFT.

Let's see if you and I are gamed for the next giveaway! Stay tuned!


Project 500

Recently I got selected as one of the Beta tester for Project 500(they are searching for
Malaysia's top 500 social media users). I forgot how I got selected for it. But I am someone who are always keen to try out new stuff(IT or related to health, women and family provided is SAFE, LEGAL and TRUSTWORTHY).

Plus, I think their objective is to combine several social media platform in a single one(single sign on). I am ALL for it...provided the security is TIGHT! As we are sort of like revealing our personal details and login to it.

Anyway here's a peak into what it Project 500 is(brief Intro):

Here are the emails I received:
1st e-mail:
You've made it as one of Malaysia's top 500 social media users!

As a member of Project 500, we'd like to invite you to our exclusive briefing event where we'll spill all our secrets and unveil what Project 500 is really about.

Hosted by a secret celebrity, we're even throwing in a free private screening of New Moon after!
Date: 29th November 2009, Sunday
Venue: Cathay Cineplex Damansara, e@curve, KL
(I did not managed to attend the event as KY and Shone is down with cough and flu, but I get to test out the platform today)

Another Email:

Congratulations on being one of the exclusive 500 BETA testers. We hope you have a great time trying and using our solution.
User Experience
So far, after testing few rounds today, I find that the page seems to load rather slowly, after I added several gadgets like youtube, FB and etc on my dashboard.

Still have not fully-tested it so cannot comment much.

Stay tuned for more feedback on it!


My Cheeky Boo Christmas Giveaway!

A new- cloth diaper fan is ALL EXCITED over any giveaway/promotions(yup, pls...just leave a note to me if you hear any of these good deals on CD!! Thanks in advance!!)
to hear about My Cheeky Boo Christmas Giveaway!

Check out these lovely Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper in aplix style, worth Rm73 each

  • I love to win the yellow one! :) (Actually blue one is fine too, hehe..)
  • I love to win Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper to facilitate my quest and aim to convert to fully-cloth-diapering soonest possible in current cash-strapped time. (so am so grateful and deeply appreciate it if I can win one of this CD for my boy!). Already made a goal not to buy any more disposable once my current stock finished. So am looking high and low for good CD deals NOW!! (So please let me know if you guys see, hear or have any good deals on Cloth Diapers ok!! Arigato!)

  • Now, My Cheeky Boo is giving away 2 pcs of Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper in aplix style, with our choice of colour, worth Rm73 each to 2 lucky winners!
  • How to win? (As written in My Cheeky Boo site)
    What you need to do to join this give away :

    1. Post a comment on this post.
    2. Join My Cheeky Boo facebook fan page if you haven't already.
    3. Subscribe to My Cheeky Boo mailing list.
    4. Become My Cheeky Boo's blog follower.
    5. If you have a blog or website, blog about My Cheeky Boo on either one below, linking to this blog post or My Cheeky Boo's website : -
    • What do you think about My Cheeky Boo on our range of products, customer service etc?
    • Blog about this give away and why you would like to win a Moo Moo Kow (TM) Diaper and what colour you would like to have? (selected winner will be given the Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper with the colour he/she choose).

    By doing all the above, you will get a total of 5 entries! And for doing any of the above, kindly send me an email at mycheekyboo AT gmail DOT COM, including your Full Name and Contact Number so that I can notify the winners once result is out. And please inform your FaceBook ID if you've join our facebook page.

    BONUS :
    If you happened to be My Cheeky Boo's customer (merchandise) before Dec'09, you will get an extra entry for this give away!

    This give away is open for all. But for international mailing address, postage is to be borne by the winner.

    This give away will ends on 18th December 2009 1700 Malaysia time.


    Hope I am lucky enough to win one of this CD! Wish me Good Luck!


    New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

    Hi Folks,

    Now, are you Ice-Cream-holics like me(hehe..I used to sneak-in one tub of Baskin Robbin into my bedroom during my first trimester when I had KY as mil said cannot take anything cold as I was still staying with them I curi-curi makan :P so desperate) ?

    Then, I think you are aware of Baskin Robbin having promotion on every 31st of the month as to represent(that's what I thought) for the 31 flavours they got!

    Now, I saw a similar campaign from another favourite outlets of mine, New Zealand Natural!

    Now they have 30% off on every 30th of every month(yey..which coincidently falls on today!!). So check them out if you happened to be bringing your kids out!

    They really taste healthy and yummy!



    Are you craving for great-tasting, truly satisfying ice cream?
    It's the right time for New Zealand Natural!

    With a whole 30% off Take Home Packs on the 30th of every month, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with the flavours you know and love so well. Or try something new for the very thrilling first time.
    Make it an all-natural family day out, a well-deserved treat after a long day at work or just an impulse buy to put a smile on your face. Whatever your reasons, New Zealand Natural has a flavour with your name on it. Go get a regular or large Take Home Pack today and enjoy even more of our naturally-sweetened premium ice cream from 'The Land of The Long White Cloud'.
    That's 'New Zealand' translated from the indigenous Maori language. See? Who says ice cream doesn't make you smart?
    Drop by soon to experience the taste of New Zealand for yourself.
    The only thing we ask is for you to not show up in February with this promo in mind.

    * 30% on the 30th promotion is applicable to ice cream Take Home Packs, regular and large only.

    Shop at for 15% today!

    Hi folks,

    Just thought of sharing this with you about an online clothing shop, Ruche which I have came across sometime ago.

    Ever since I saw the clothing and accessories in this website, I am always excited to check out their new clothing additions. It is so "lady and "lovely".

    These are some of the items that caught my eyes:

    Now, Ruche ,is having 15% off from last Friday till today(yup today is their last day!)

    So if you are planning to get yourself a pressie for Christmas...check it out! You can use the code as shown in this banner below to get the discount!

    Happy Shopping folks!


    Fila Clearance Sale,1 to 6 December 2009

    Any Income Tax rebate on sportswear? lol

    Anyway, it's all for the good of healthy living and exercise!

    Happy Shopping!



    Up to 80% Off

    Products Offered

    Sports Wear


    Time: 10am – 10pm


    Ground Floor

    Concourse Area

    Endah Parade

    57000 Sri Petaling

    Kuala Lumpur

    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale, 27 November to 6 December 2009

    Wow...lotsa Year End Sales folks..just to share..

    (Warning: Buy according to your needs and not wants ya! Haha..a reminder to myself)

    ..but if you really planning to get those items, it's always Great if u can get it at a bargain price!

    Happy Shopping, folks!



    27 November to 6 December 2009

    Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale

    Up to 70% Off

    Additional 5% off for Public Bank Credit/Debit Cardmembers

    Products Offered





    Time: 10am – 10pm


    Hotel Sri Petaling (Function Room)

    Jalan Radin Anum

    Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

    57000 Sri Petaling

    Kuala Lumpur