Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have you started planning for school holidays activities?

Hi folks!
Have you started planning for school holidays activities?

I have been looking around and started thinking about it. Ever since KY started schooling, suddenly I am like other parents bloggers and non-bloggers alike, trying to plan ahead and think for school break activites…wow…time flies and as kids grows up, so do we as parents….interesting!

Lately KY seems to like colouring a lot, During my last trip to Johor, I bought her some colouring books to keep her occupied during the journey. Yeah, I should really start looking into self-printed DIY colouring book 'cos wow, it is not CHEAP to get a colouring book nowadays.  A few pages cost me MYR 5.99!! I can get those printed merely MYR0.40 cents for paper cost! Talking about having the time and money…I think I just need to be more organized and plan ahead in order to save cost!

Did I mentioned that I am planning to get my kids a piano or keyboard? So I have to really plan my expenses well so that at least by year end I can get one for them?

Anyone of you have any idea as on what age I can start exposing them for piano lessons? I heard some started as young as 3. KY would be turning 4 this July, so I think it is the right time.

How much would a piano(suitable for their age and preferably as they grow up too) cost these days?

Is second-hand one a possible option?

What type of keyboard should I be getting?

Lotsa questions in my mind now…if you all have any good suggestions or great places to source out these items, pls. do enlighten me! Thank you all in ADVANCE!

Coming back to school holiday activities, I have yet to have much clue, another reason being, hey we working parents got no public holidays at all for Mar and Apr..notice that? So well…any activities that requires our participation from us would be out of question.

So just got to stick to some normal and not too boring stuff…perhaps..colouring again? :P


Thinking …thinking..still thinking….how about you? Got it all planned out? PLs. share with me!!! Help!!! :D



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